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Hear Kurt Otto of the IFL and Paul Lazenby from BodogFIGHT on Inside the Cage!

In case you missed it, the first show of “Inside the Cage Radio” is now available.

Joining Matt Cava and I on the show this past weekend were IFL co-founder and commissioner Kurt Otto and BodogFIGHT analyst Paul Lazenby.


Both Kurt and Paul were great guests.

Kurt talked about the semifinals that were just held on Thursday, the possibility of doing live shows in the future, why Bart Palaszewski qualified for the lightweight WGP instead of Shad Lierley, and much more.

Paul was extremely candid in addressing reports that claim Bodog is making cutbacks and in giving his thoughts about who would be favored if a match between Tara LaRosa and Gina Carano was ever signed.

Matt and I also discussed the big stories in MMA right now, including Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca’s appeal hearings before CSAC on Monday, our early thoughts on UFC 74, whether Liddell vs. Jardine is a legitimate main event, and much more!

Special thanks to our producer, John Floyd, and also to Matt, who did all the post-production work in getting the show posted.

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    Just got a chance to listen to this – good stuff, I especially like the candid answers from Paul Lazenby regarding the Colonel.

    Technical gripe – yopur (Sam) input was too hot for 3/4ths of the show – you need to get a good level before the start of the show next time.

    Good stuff – keep it up!

  • says:

    Great show:
    – Sherk should be stripped if he fails, a grand prix tournament would be nice but I can’t see them doing it. The UFC needs to listen more to it’s hardcore viewers and start changing things. Hold a grand prix if fans want it, revise and revamp the show, include better pre and post fight interviews, reduce the commercials (all the shit that Sam talked about previously about making the UFC a more mainstream sport)

    – Will echo sentiments on GSPs performance, a lot of French Canadian fighters seem to suffer similarly (Cote, Goulet). GSP even more hot and cold, when he’s hot he’s amazing (ala Trigg fight) but when he’s not he really looks weak (vs Serra). I think GSP will probably pull it out for his match against Koscheck but I also think that a lot of people underestimate Koscheck. Koscheck seems to be one of those physical enigma phenoms, the kind of guy that you can show a sport one time and in a week he’s really good at it. He didn’t finish Sanchez but he showed that his striking, what many considered his weak point was beyond Sanchez, the same guy that spent a month in Puerto Rico with DLH.

    – No problem with Jardine Liddell match though I can see how some people would find that it shouldn’t be a main event. The rest of the card looks great so as a fan of fights (and less of fighters) I’ll definitely bite.


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