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Bob Arum needs to retire… now!

Bob Arum is at it again.

Normally I don’t quote Arum because he’s a total moron but I couldn’t just let recent comments he made go.

Arum was a guest with Steve “Mr. Sunshine” Cofield on FoxSportsRadio 1460 in Vegas and attempted to rip UFC president Dana White a new… well, you know what.

“I’m not a pharmacologist so I’m not qualified for the UFC,” Arum began to say in his opening statement. “There’s more steroids and drugs in the UFC than the Tour de France. They’d better clean up their act. Because I don’t care if I am 110, it’s disgraceful to be involved in a so-called sport where every other athlete is using prohibited drugs.”

But he was far from done.

“And if he (Dana White doesn’t like it) then let him test the guys before they go into the match, not after, where 50-60% of the guys flunk a drug test,” Arum continued.

50-60%? Gee Bob, I’m not a lawyer but I think you just made a libelous statement. Do you have any facts to back that statement up?

In all, his pathetic diatribe lasted for about five minutes.

Arum also reiterated his racist stereotype that the UFC is comprised primarily of “white guys from the midwest.” How is it that he gets away with saying such racist bullshit?

Oh yeah, he also said he hoped White himself wasn’t on steroids.

I highly recommend you check out the entire audio on Steve’s excellent new blog by clicking here.

Steve’s had me on his shows several times and is one of the biggest MMA supporters you’ll find right now in mainstream sports talk radio. He also has an uncanny ability of getting people to spill the beans. On the morning of UFC 73, White ripped Jenna Jameson publicly for the first time while on Steve’s Fox Sports Radio show.

I highly recommend you check out his blog as there’s a lot of good stuff there.

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    Sounds like Bob has lost a bit off his fastball (if he ever had one)

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    it better towatch men fight without pillows tied to their hands
    bob is a tool

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    […] The Bob Arum/Dana White feud is turning out to be a goldmine for quotes. Arum fires the latest salvo by claiming that UFC has a bigger drug problem thean the Tour de France. UFC Mania has links to the audio clips. Sam Caplan shares his thoughts. […]

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    i love this website cause it provides alot of great interviews and info on mma but im sure im in the minority when i say that Arum is right on. I like boxing and am growing to like mma more and more but arum is right on when talking about how the UFC is more likely to include “white guys from the midwest”. And i dont think it is a racist comment just because the UFC is trying to cater to its core audience, and what do you think that is. I mean is the UFC doing anything diffrent than Pride being Asian heavy or im sure mma organizations in south america being top heavy with there own countrymen. HOW IS THIS A RACIST COMMENT WHEN IT IS TRUE.

    i belive he is referring to the UFC and while they do have some diversity it is as filled with “white guys from the midwest” as Pride was filled more asian fighters.

    You dont think Dana hasnt contemplated the effects of having other ethnicities be the majority in mma in America. it may sound racist to you but Dana isnt gonna have lower cards filled with foreingers that his audiences cant relate too. Racism, in your eyes mabey but the important color here is green.

    As far as steriods, im sure that many more mma fighters being on steriods i belive alot of them do use but im sure not all. But if you thnk about it, im sure it has to do with the amount of times mma fighters fight in a year and that im sure most of them train all year around. Im sure if boxing didnt test for steriods theyd be gettin critisim too and the fact the UFC seems to like to play dumb in certain events and not even test for ROIDS seem to imply that they might know something we dont


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    unfortunately bob retiring won’t stop him from talking.
    i wonder what he thinks is wrong with “white guys from the midwest”, and what the hundreds of brazilians, japanese, chinese, koreans, europeans, africans, mexicans, etc competing in MMA would think of it? Champions: Randy Couture, Oregon. Quinton Jackson, born Memphis TN. Anderson Silva, Curitiba, Brazil. Sean Sherk (for now), the lone midwesterner on the list, from Minnesota.

    that’s pretty much all the words that should be expended on that guy. let us commit his body of work to the same graveyard as Mike Freeman, Rest in Pieces.

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    el boxeo: you say arum’s statement is true. it isn’t. There’s a ton of fighters from all over the world in the UFC. there’s definitely a lot of smaller promotions that have a stronger regional flair, but UFC is international. They were international in their earlier days too, with events in Brazil and Japan, and great fighters from all over the world.
    sure, there’s a lot of american fighters, but calling them “white boys from the midwest” definitely has the appearance of a racist statement. in context, it was used to disparage the UFC, indicating that “white boys from the midwest” are bad to have fighting for you. and what about the midwest itself, as a region? a pretty large, diverse area, if poorly defined most of the time. here’s a list of UFC fighters.
    there’s a few from all over. the canadians might have an argument to make too. here’s the A’s:
    Abbadi Danny 2-2-0 5′ 11″ (180 cm) 185 (84 kg) Orlando, FL. notably, not white.
    Alessio John 25-11-0 5′ 10″ (178 cm) 170 (77 kg) Canadian
    Alexander Houston 7-1-0 6′ 0″ (183 cm) 205 (93 kg) Midwesterner! 1 fight. unfortunately for Arum’s premise, african-american. I’m sure Houston would be interested in the theory.
    Alves Thiago 16-4-0 5′ 8″ (173 cm) 170 (77 kg) Brazilian. Strangely not white.
    Arlovski Andrei 12-5-0 6′ 4″ (193 cm) 240 (109 kg) White. Russian. Tasty drink.
    Assuncao Junior 5-2-0 5′ 9″ (175 cm) 155 (70 kg) Atlanta GA
    Aurelio Marcus 14-4-0 5′ 10″ (178 cm) 155 (70 kg) Coconut Creek, FL.

    that’s just the A’s. I’ll go through them all if you’d like, i have nothing to do.

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    to garth… i think arum was talking about UFC not MMA in general. cause im sure your aware that MMA is world wide but im pretty sure that the UFC could care less about making money in other countires before the USA. Im sure in Pride that was also a world wide organization they catered to their demographic in japan, so im pretty sure that they didnt have too many fights without throwing in a couple of fighters that their own demo could relate to.

    as far at the quote, it isnt any more racists that than say Arum saying that Boxing IN AMERICA is more supported by Latinos rather than whites… WHICH IS TRUE btw… and if you look at his stable of fighters, it refects that..

    when the UFC didnt own pride and all those international pride fighters werent on there way to the UFC to make bigger bucks, was the UFC that much more diverse?

    and i dont think arum is really taking a jab at the midwest CONSIDERING that he has a future middleweight champ in kelly pavlik that if he beats jt , he thinks could be huge in that region. I believe that Arum was taking a jab regarding how much control the UFC has over its sport and that their preference is to have fighters that are home grown.

    Im sure dana white would say that he doesnt care what color the fighter is as long as he is good which i guess is true in some aspect but you guys honestly think that Dana wouldnt have more to benefit from a white midwestern type guy being champ rather than a fighter that doesnt speak english. and while that might sound racist to you , i guarantee you that promoters like bob Arum and to some extent ufc pres dana white think about that constantly .

    as far as the list of fighters.. im sure there is diversity in that list no doubt but a better example would be a list of scheduled fights on past UFC’s events as well as even looking at TUF shows and see while there is some diversity there, it really is on par with the region and country they are fighting in. Same reason they are having a TUF mexico edition and a TUF i think england edition right?

    Arum is taking a shot of dana whites power NOT THE SPORT OF MMA… and for anybodies idea that bob arum needs to retire, HE is the best at what he does and can fill an arena as a promoter.. you cant compare arum to dana any way cause dana is far from a promoter and more of a vince mcmahon type anyway.

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    Great post garth, you beat me to the punch. When you hear someone with the argument “only white-boys from the midwest fight in the UFC” you know they have never actually seen a UFC event, so thier argument is pointless, pathetic, and barely worth mentioning.

    With that said, it is amazing to hear people complain about all the “white-boys” in the UFC, even though there is a large mix of nationalities, yet they are strangely silient about the NBA and the fact that it is 80% african-american. Where is the diversity in the NBA? Where are all the naysayers quick with a quote and a punchline about the NBA?

    They are no-where because the NBA isn’t threatening some other sport(boxing) that causes certain people(boxing die-hards) to wet themselves, get defensive, and talk out thier ass all the time, much like Bob Arum does!

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    to boxing blows … i didnt know that mma was bare knuckle fighting

    to accomando… nba has no diversity but what is your point.. your not honestly gonna compare a league with salaries to ufc which is pretty much contract workers that are at the mercy of promoters and promotions JUST LIKE BOXING..

    NBA as well as the NHL has no diverstity but they are leagues that are not the same type of structure as MMA OR BOXING.. MMA AND BOXING are promotional sports that are dependent on matchmaking.. so you cant compare

    Arum complaint and shot is against the UFC and not MMA. the fact the UFC is not a league means that Dana has all the power in matchmaking which means all those fighters that are listed are at his disposal and he makes the final call. Its in his best interest to have fighters home grown become successful and if you think that is racist thats you opinion.. he is taking a shot at dana’s power not MMA in general

    cause he is taking a shot at the UFC steriod policy or lack of as well. it’s funny cause some of you think its jeliousy on arum’s part regarding a percieved threat to boxing BUT IN REALITY IT IS ARUM JELIOUSLY OF POWER THAT DANA HAS REGARDING UFC POSITION IN MMA. dana has no real rivals while boxing is the wild wild west .. im sure arum dreams about having his own federation and being able to give out “top rank” world championships but in his neighborhood he cant and has to deal with other promoters as well as sancitoning organizations WHILE DANA HAS TO ONLY DEAL WITH HIMSELF .. who is gonna regulate the UFC OTHER THAN THE UFC… own belts and own set of matchmaking standerds as well as testing standards… THATS POWER AND THATS PRICELESS .. that is where the jab is going to …

    but it is only a matter of time before ufc and mma will be wide open ala boxing when fighters start demanding more money and seeing just how boxing is now … lol

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    Accomando: I think the mainn thing about the NBA is that it’s really a meritocracy, in a lot of ways. The best players stay. There’s been a large upsurge in diversity recently, with lots of players from overseas coming in and contributing. Sure, some are still black, but some are Chinese, even FRENCH! heh
    There’s also latinos and europeans. I think that the trouble is that it depends on wether other countries play a sport, as well as the socio-economic impediments to participation. games like basketball have relatively low entry requirements, while, say, hockey, if you’re someplace that doesn’t naturally freeze over, is expensives Add swiming to that. so we have a class angle added to it as well. For instance, there’s not a lot of inner-city polo players. Doesn’t mean that there’s not some kid sitting on his stoop thinking “man, i wish I had a horse to ride”, who would become the best ever. and not just in the urban poor, but in the rural poor, too (some of those boys and girls from, among other places, the Midwest).
    eh, this may just go beyond the bounds of this conversation.

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    el boxeo: “to garth… i think arum was talking about UFC not MMA in general. ”

    the fighters I listed are all for the site. I stated they are “UFC Fighters” in my comment.

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    Bob Arum’s statements are completely ridiculous. The UFC’s statements to the effect of, “Nope, nothing more we can do here” are also completely ridiculous. As is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between the two extremes.

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    to garth… in conclusion regarding that “white boys from the midwest” comment, while im sure theyre is great diversity in the ufc all fighters section of their website, there really more top heavy american fighters that will always have more opportuites here than say japan or brazil. I KNOW THAT IS A GENERALIZATION and im sure arum used that comment as shock value BUT THERE IS ALOT OF TRUTH IN IT. and i dont beilve it is racist simply because you selling to your demographic and if the UFC were to stack a card in america with all foreign fighters it would be alienating who is watching here in america regardless of talent. GO Look at certain ufc cards and you will see that they are aware of what arena they are in by the type of fighters they match

    if a boxing promter in southern cali came here and didnt cater to the vast latino community then he wouldnt be the most money he could or be aloof to what is here. i dont see this as racist i see it as smart so i really didnt understand what the big deal was regarding mr. caplin’s comments. especially calling Arum comments racist was a bit over the top considering he has a future mid westerner middle weight champ and caters heavly to the latino community . A BAD GENERALIZATION MABEY BUT LIKE I SAID BEFORE IM SURE IF YOU LOOK AT ACTUALL CARDS YOU MIGHT SEE SOME TRUTH TO THAT GENERALIZAITON THE SAME WAY PEOPLE COULD SAY THAT PRIDE FEATURED MANY ASIANS OVER OTHER ETHNICITES OR EVEN BRAZILIAN PROMOTIONS WOULD DO THE SAME .. dont see the big deal but whatever..

    nobody seemed to want to address the steriod issue and i do beilve the arum is right on. You cant test when you wanna test if you want to give off the impression that your federation is clean.. IM SURE ARUM WISHES HE COULD HAVE THE POWER DANA HAS IN HIS SPORT BUT HE CANT AND SOON ENOUGH THE UFC WILL BOW DOWN TO PUBLIC PRESSURE OF ROIDS which imo is dumb anyway cause if some one is willing to shrink there testicles to fight let em but i could see in mma how this idea is ignorant.. mabey baseball though…

    and when your lightweight champion test positive for roids as well a the challenger in that fight, THEN IT MIGHT NOT BE THAT FAR FETCHED TO SAY 60%. even sherk’s oppenent basically confessed and said that he had no choice but to juice in order to fight or recover AND THAT THE CHANCE OF GETTIN CAUGHT DOING RIODS WAS NOT ENOUGH TO DETER HIM. and this is for a championship fight FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 14K PURSE ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA..

    so if 14k is enough to chance it , well then is it that far fetched to assume that others would take the same risk

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    it’s completely farfetched to say 60%. that’s a ridiculous statement. and all-caps comments look like you’re screaming, keep your shirt on.
    you say you know it’s a generalization. i showed you specifics. the generalization is wrong. period.
    and your statement
    “so if 14k is enough to chance it , well then is it that far fetched to assume that others would take the same risk”
    is basically true of all sports. why do you think baseball players do it? sheesh.
    and it IS farfetched to assume others take the same risk if they’re getting tested. if they can get around the test, then the test needs to be improved.
    the rest of your post makes little sense to me.

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    to garth…

    yeah sorry about the caps, when i type in caps i dont mean to yell (found out recently thats what it means) but for me its just like highlighting it in bold. so ill keep it no caps.

    but to your remark about 60% being farfetched, well whos responsiblity is it to prove that number wrong.. the UFC imo .. and if they are testing only when the feel like it then what does that say about the possiblity of roids being extremely prevelent in ufc .. for you to say its farfetched is riduculous cause UFC has alot to lose by having their fighters test positve and they dont really have and aggressive policy to test .. and yet the seem to be oblivious to test and are not self regualted like other leagues..

    im sure that baseball fans thought the same thing about roids not being in mlb in the % cause they also had all sorts of reasons but once high profile guys were gettin accused, well then mlb caved into pressure and does random testing that takes away any doubt (or most of it) but you still see postive tests, but they were self regulated to take away the idea the number was high but it wasnt until public pressure to do so. same thing might happen in the ufc and then that 60% number you call far fetched will either be proven right or wrong but who benifits by not having that number proven,.. my guess its the ufc and you can conclude the reasons why

    as far as is 14k enough to chance it, what part dont you understand if the ufc doesnt really seem to care about testing then naturally the fighters will not really think twice about getting caught. if there testing when they feel like it then you can only assume that people on both sides( fighters and management) have a good idea when the tests are.. does that sound like a company that really cares about weeding out roids.. not to me, it sounds like a company that has a idea that roids are out there and they have much to lose if many of there guys are using …and back to my eariler point if this challenger is making that type of money for a championship fight well then what is the real risk ..14k is nothing if you have bball players and even some boxers using roids for 10x that amount… now your honestly gonna tell me riods couldnt be a major problem in ufc if fighters are making making that much money.. where is the risk… being out 14k wow big risk…

    as far as your generalization statement.. hey if you wanna pick a letter and see the background of all the fighters in the ufc, thats great…why dont you (since you have alot of time) go back to actual cards and see the diffrence between fighters who actaully fought on cards… i dont understand what specifics you showed me but if its that list well im not sure whats the point… your gonna tell me that pride was any more diverse…they had alot of diversity but everytime ive ever seen a pride show i see alot more asians fighters than whites.. is that a generalization? could you go far as to say there are more white midwestern fighters than asians in the ufc ? is that a fair generalizaiton… dont see why or how the generalizaiton is wrong but im sure your gonna pick another letter.

    and i know ill get tagged for this but a white fighter from canada and a midwestern fighter to me is the same damn thing other than guys like st pierre who is van damn incarnate and seems to speak engilsh as a second language…lol

    if i were to say that pride organisation used to be full of a bunch of asian fighters that had a few brazilians and eurpeoan fighters would that be a wrong generalization? well imo replace pride with ufc and asian wit white and im sure that is what arum is referreing

    same generalizaiton you could make with boxing lower weight classes being heavlily latino …big deal its a generalizaition cause there are some great white and black and asians lower weight fighters but there is a lot of truth to that generalization

    big deal Arum was going after Dana ..but some of you think it was mma in general so be it

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    Did anyone else notice he called Hermes Franca “a white guy from the mid-west”?

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    Here is what I commented over at Fight Opinion:

    Look, I am a lifelong, die-hard cycling fan. There is simply no way that the UFC has a bigger drug problem than cycling. It is difficult for an outsider to imagine just how ingrained doping is in cycling culture, especially with the top (ProTour) teams. These guys get their hands on everything. Lance Armstrong’s team was found dumping empty medical bags (along with empty vials of EPO and testosterone) of the calf-blood derivative Actovegin at the Tour in 2000. Actovegin was not even on the market at the time. Michael Rasmussen, the rider who lead the Tour for 9 days this year and was eventually kicked out, tried to trick a friend into smuggling the very dangerous fake blood product Hemopure into Italy from the United States in 2002. Hemopure didn’t even come out onto the market until 2006, and it is only approved for human use in South Africa. Nobody knows how he got his hands on the stuff when it was still in the developmental phase.

    Neither of those cases are remotely isolated. It is not uncommon at all for cyclists to get caught with medical products that are still in the testing phases. This isn’t to mention the fact that team managers, in concert with team doctors, set up rigorous and exhausting doping programs for their riders. Lance Armstrong’s team was said to receive 25 microdose injections of EPO a day in training camp. That’s just in the off-season training camp. During the season, especially before the Tour, in addition to the injections they receive, homologous blood transfusions are the norm. They extract the blood after the high mountain stages during the Dauphine Libere, a pre-Tour de France warmup race, where team doctors spin it in a centrifuge to seperate the concentrated red blood cells from the plasma, and they pack and refrigerate the red blood cells for use in the Tour when necessary – say, before a time trial or a big mountain stage. That is why you can see some guys suffering on one mountain stage and flying up the mountains on the next. It is why the top contenders such as Lance, Basso, Ullrich, Contador, Rasmussen, etc. are able to recover so quickly after mind-blowing, inhuman performances.

    To say that the UFC’s doping problem is worse than cycling’s is woefully ignorant

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    “…I believe that Arum was taking a jab regarding how much control the UFC has over its sport and that their preference is to have fighters that are home grown. ..”

    Boxeo, preference? You cannot predict who wins the fights. Matt Hughes beat many other fighters during his title reign that weren’t “white-boys from the midwest” it’s not Dana’s White fault they couldn’t beat Hughes. I think it just bothers people who prefer boxing that a wrestler can take away all thier skills they work so hard on with 1 takedown, that is why wrestlers do very well in the UFC. MMA exposes the overall wekaness of boxing as a true fighting style. Boxing calls them the “fights”, when they should be the “contests” because MMA actually shows “fights.”

    “…Arum is taking a shot of dana whites power NOT THE SPORT OF MMA…”

    That’s bullshit & you know boxeo, Arum is obviously resentful of MMA & its unbridled success. He regularly disparages MMA as “wrestling love-fests”. Now, if all Arum was angry about was Dana White’s power, then why wouldn’t he just come out and say that?

    Arum is old, pathetic, angry, resentful, jealous, and is obsolete.

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    to accomando…

    i do realize that you cannont predict who wins the fights but if you think the pride used to be heavily diverse and didnt favor putting in asian fighters over other ethnicites then that is what im referring to.. it isnt a racists statement it is a generalization… but what is the big deal… that is all im saying.. and arum statement has some truth to it…

    as far as your rip towards boxing… if you wanted to take a look at a real fight you shouldve seen last night izzy vazquez v. marquez and you wouldve saw one… boxing is a discipline sport similar to a judo exibition or a kickboxing fight… of course its not mma which by definition is a mix bag… last i checked aint nobody watching real wrestling on tv and if you think that people are watching ufc for wrestling rather than people gettin ko’d .. your crazy

    i dont think anybody should be comparing boxing to mma and the day these mma fighters start asking for more money and many more promotions spring up ( which is gonna happen considering the money that is being generated) then ufc or mma can start comparing themselves to boxing… last i checked dana has a tremendous advantage that boxing doesnt and if you dont see that well then …

    as far as “wrestling love fests” it is a real drawback in mma but Arum says the same thing about his sport in reference to guys who dont like to fight in the boxing ring and like to hit and run …so what is your point.. does he hate boxing.?? i dont think so i think he really dont see mma as a threat considering that ufc is the only show in town…

    i already expalined before that if arum was able to have his own boxing promotion that gave out belts and operated like the ufc , hed be all for it but boxing is the wild wild west … everyone for themselves… MMA other than the UFC is not really a success if you have most of your fighters making what they are making money wise…

    Yeah Bob Arum is obsolete ( sold out the garden , sold out some texas arena for pacman v. a bum,) sure im sure he is patheic and angry and jeloius but is he the best at what he does… yep

    BTW only people that are successful in mma in America is the UFC not its fighters… when fighters are making less than 100k and selling out arenas it is only a matter of time before that will change…

    to xenons… your probally right that cycling is worse but i think arum was suggesting that while cycling has (supposdely) a independent body that tests cycling , ufc seems not to be that aggressive in doing so… which goes to the point that the UFC could lose a lot if guys start comming up postive and they cant really control what fighters put in their bodies but they can control other parts like when tests are or if the want to test…

    when you have guys like gracie bascially say i dont want to fight the postiive test or franca say hey it was worth the risk ..what could that tell you about the culture of mma fighters… and well see what happens with sherk cause since “dana knows him”

    to brian… i wasnt referring to franca as a “white guy from the midwest” but i was referring to the steriod comment by arum…

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    El boxeo, you are an excuse machine, its unbelievable. Your over analyzation of the situation reveals your insecuirities about the over-all state of boxing.

    Boxing heavy-wieght division sucks, led by a bunch of “white-boys from europe”. I bought into the hype, I got De La Hoya/Mayweather, a complete waste of money. I like boxing but more often than not it just fails to deliver in a big way.

    Based off of Arum’s statements in regards to the UFC, how can you refute that he isn’t old, angry, jealous, and obsolete?

    The term “boxing is dying” is rediculous, it will never die. However, when people now think to watch the “fights” they watch MMA, not boxing.

    The world turns and things change, you would think Arum wouldn’t resort to childish insults and hatred towards a sport he has no grasp for.

    Boxeo, you are an Arum apologist, simple as that.

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    to accomando

    boxing heavywieght division is garbage, whats ur point… most of the people who look and pay attention to the heavyweight division are either fair weather fans or dont know to much about real boxing… not that much skill to be a 265lb guy throwing haymakers

    yeah and buying dlh v. mayweather proves two things.. you did buy into the hype and if you would follow boxing on a regular basis or have knowledege about the sport you wouldve known exactly how that fight wouldve ended… fact is the hype was ment for fickle fans like yourself and you lost 50 bucks..big deal

    if you wanted a real fight you wouldve paid attention this past weekend but little mexican boxers never get the hype but so be it.. this past weekend’s fight (marquez v. vasquez) was better than most ufc fights…

    again how is he obsolete… old, angry and jelious mabey but obsolete.. he is the best promoter in boxing.. and can create talent from scratch.. ie dlh, maywether, morales, cotto…

    you show me a better fight than last weekends fights in mma…. one of your holy grails is bonner v. griffin which was a slugfest… which resembles what sport… boxing mabey… most mma fans want the ko not the submission or lay an pray….

    again your comparing one organization that has a monopoly on their sport success with another sport that is wide open ….

    is the ifl doing good… how about bodog or elite xc or any other small time promotion… well see real soon how the ufc deals with all its stars start retiring and see if they can replace who they have.. cause boxing seems to be able to do it but well see how ufc fairs when other promotions as well as developing new talent works for them

    boxing delivers in the same way as mma in terms of fights other than the fact that mma fighters are making peanuts compared to boxers thus forcing them to have the best fighters fight… wait till mma grows a little bit more and ufc monoploy dies ,,, then youll have the same boxing problem…

    and the only reason in ur eyes boxing doesnt deliver is the same reason i agree with which is that so many organizations and bs that prevents the best from fighting the best…


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