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New interview with Paulo Filho now on Sportsline

A Q&A session I recently had with Paulo Filho and his manager, Eddie Suarez, is now available on CBS Sportsline.

Paulo arrived in Vegas from Brazil on Wednesday in preparation for his match against Joe Doerksen on Sunday night for the vacant WEC middleweight title. Filho vs. Doerksen will be the co-main event of a card that will be televised on Versus starting at 9 p.m. ET.

I was able to speak with Paulo about his first match in the U.S. soon after he touched down in Vegas. I made sure to ask him about the process behind him fighting for the WEC as opposed to the UFC and whether his friendship with Anderson Silva was a factor.

You can read that exchange right here:

Q: When Zuffa first approached you, did they give you a choice between fighting for the UFC or WEC?

PF: No. I wasn’t given a choice. I was offered a chance to fight in the WEC and that’s what I took.

Q: Was any detail provided as to why they wanted you for the WEC as opposed to the UFC?

PF: There was no detail given. The WEC is a huge organization, and I feel it’s one of the best in the world, and right now I think the opportunity for me to be in the WEC is a much better situation. There’s a lot of big names in the UFC, and I don’t have a huge name in the U.S. With the WEC, we’ll both be able to grow together. The WEC and Paulo Filho will be able to grow their names in the U.S. together, and that’s why I feel it’s a better choice for me.

Q: There were reports that one reason why you’re in the WEC is because you’re good friends with current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and don’t want to fight him. Is that correct?

PF: We’re under the same management and we train together. That is true, but that’s not really the case (of why I’m in the WEC) as we chose to go to the WEC because I wanted to. But we are friends and I wouldn’t want to have that fight happen, but if that fight were to happen, then hey, we’d fight and it would be a phenomenal fight and then we’d go out to dinner after.

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here.

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