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Kurt Otto to appear on Inside the Cage Radio

In addition to Bodog Fight color commentator Paul Lazenby, Matt Cava and I will be joined by IFL commissioner and co-founder Kurt Otto during Saturday’s debut edition of “Inside the Cage Radio.”

Kurt will be on to discuss the IFL’s semifinals that took place yesterday in addition to the upcoming finals and Grand Prix events. We’ll also ask him about other pertinent questions pertaining to the IFL.

In addition to our guests, Matt and I will be talking about the UFC and our thoughts about a lot of the matches they’ve recently announced; our thoughts on Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca and their upcoming appeals¬† in front of CSAC next week; the WEC’s next live event on Sunday; our picks for the best and worst MMA-related televisions shows; and much more!

If there are any questions that you’d like Matt and I ask to Kurt and Paul, just leave them here in the comments area.

Also, remember to check back here or on Saturday night or Sunday morning for the debut edition of “Inside the Cage Radio!”

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    Ask him if there are any plans to do live events on TV soon? This is the number one complaint with the IFL from most people I talk to because they know the results a month or more before the show will even air on TV.

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    Ditto exactly UFCDaily asked.

    I am a #1 complainer of the shows not being live and I like the IFL fights, fighters, and concept.

    For instance, I am from the same area as Bart Palaszewski and my brother trains with him at CMA, so of course we were checking on the interenet for the results as they happened last night. That really takes the suspense out of watching the re-plays. I think the IFL will boost its relevancy if it were to take over a night of the week to show live fights next season.

    IFL Team-Fght-Tuesday’s or something, just show them live.

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    I will definitely ask him tomorrow.

    I’ve asked Kurt about it in the past and they definitely are open to live telecasts. Your best bet would be to try and contact MyNetworkTV and FSN through their web sites and ask about live IFL shows. The more interest that’s expressed directly to them, the better the chances we’ll see live IFL shows.

    Live telecasts are extremely expensive and if the IFL did them without enough compensation, they could bankrupt themselves.

    The greater the demand, the more feasible it will become for the IFL.

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    “…Live telecasts are extremely expensive and if the IFL did them without enough compensation, they could bankrupt themselves…”

    Just out of curiosity, because I was guessing economics may have been the reason behind it, but what does makes a Live broadcast much more expensive than a tape delay? Is it personnel related, they would have to hire more people to run the telecasts?

    I do think they should at least show the Grand Prix’s live. Mainly because the IFL would be displaying the best talent they have to offer. They will be entertaining fights too.

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    Satellite time is the biggest expense. Doing a two-hour live show during prime time hours can cost a small fortune.

    They’d likely also need to hire more people. When you do a live show, you can’t fall back on your editors so you need more people working the show to ensure there aren’t mistakes.


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