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Shamrock wants to fight Ortiz again

In an excellent article on, Frank Shamrock updates the status of his injured knee (he could be out a minimum of nine months, although he wants to see if he can avoid surgery through rehab), who he’d like to fight next (Renzo Gracie), and his plans for the future.

According to Shamrock, MMA lacks star power right now and there aren’t many matchups that interest him. He took a shot at Nick Diaz, who has stated his desire for a match against Shamrock.

One opponent that interests Shamrock is Tito Ortiz, who he fought in 1999, a contest that Shamrock was victorious in and his last match in the UFC:

A divisive figure for his untimely retirement and supreme confidence, Shamrock believes there are few appealing fights for him. Tito Ortiz’s soon-to-be expired UFC contract, however, is attractive to Shamrock, who would like to fight “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” again.

“I think that we’re kind of at a lull in the sport where there are no superstars. I’m sort of waiting for someone to pop up and be a superstar,” he said, slipping into his most serious tone of the day. “It’s not Nick Diaz, I can tell you that. I’m sure somebody will show up and make a good story, good fight out of it.”

For what it’s worth, it looks like the feelings could be mutual between Shamrock and Ortiz. When I interview Tito a few weeks ago for Sportsline, he named Shamrock as a potential opponent that he’d like to fight if he left the UFC.

The only way we’ll see that fight happen is if Ortiz leaves the UFC because there’s no way you’ll ever see Shamrock in the UFC as long as Dana White is president.

To read the Shamrock article in its entirety, click here.

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    Hey Sam,
    Why, what does Dana have against Frank (or vice versa)? I’m out of the loop on that one.

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    I went back into the archives to get you some exceprts of an interview I conducted with Frank for CBS Sportsline earlier this year…

    CBS Sportsline: Another guy you have some heat with is Dana White. I guess it’s safe to say the two of you aren’t the best of friends. Can you talk about specifically what happened between the two of you?

    Frank Shamrock: Nothing really happened in particular. When they bought the UFC, I worked for the old UFC, I worked for them when they bought the UFC. When they first purchased it they flew me out there and consulted me. They showed me respect and asked me what I thought needed to be done. I consulted them for free and gave them good advice, told them how to guide the sport and of course they did the exact opposite and lost $10 million in a year and started out rough. They’ve since rebounded but the biggest thing I realized is was I brokered the first meeting between K-1 and the UFC. I tried to bring some unity to the sport and look at growing our sport internationally. After that meeting with the owners I asked them if there were any tickets that we could purchase. Both Dana White and Lorenzo [Fertitta], told me “No, it’s sold out, we’re sorry there are no tickets available.” And we walked right outside and bought six $300 front row tickets. They refuse to acknowledge any past champions — you’ll never see my name on the web site, you’ll never see Maurice Smith on the web site. They’re re-writing history for their own pocket book instead of supporting martial arts and mixed martial arts for the future of the sport. That to me is bad business and I don’t do business with them.

    CBS Sportsline: Has the UFC made any overtures in the past couple of years to get you back?

    Frank Shamrock: Oh yeah. When I sold the 18,000 seats here [at a Strikeforce show last March in San Jose, CA] and set a North American live attendance record knocking out the last Gracie I got calls starting at 6 AM the next morning from Dana.

    CBS Sportsline: Would you rule out a return to the UFC?

    Frank Shamrock: Not unless I own it.

    CBS Sportsline: You train a lot of fighters at your gym and you have team in the IFL and you work with a lot of young guys. If any of these guys receive offers from the UFC and they come to you for advice, what would you tell them?

    Frank Shamrock: We have guys that compete in there [the UFC] and we have guys that have been on the reality show and whatever. My job is to advise them for their future and to give them the best chance possible of being successful. And if that’s their heart desire and I think it’s the best move for them at this point in their career I’ll let them go do it but I arm them with the truth and I think a lot of people go in there not knowing what the truth is. I’m here to help support the growth of MMA. I’m here to help these guys live their dream and if that’s their ultimate dream then my personal opinions and business and understanding and whatever shouldn’t stand in the way of it.

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    Sounds like Frank got his feelings hurt so he’s holding a costly grudge. Too bad for him and the UFC,… and too bad for the fans.

  • Alex says:

    Dana White is low-balling a lot of the fighters.. these guys are training in the gym every day multiple hours per day.. and they will come on.. be on the PPV and then take home $3K or $4K for all their troubles..

    Dana White just sounds shady every time I hear anyone speak about him.. go listen to Tito Ortiz talk about Dana White.. Tito has been the main card for some of the biggest moneymaker events for the UFC and he despises Dana..

    I read somewhere that he only deals with the Fertittas now.. and doesn’t even interact with Dana White..

    Pat Militech and Maurice Smith and a lot of the old timers don’t like Dana White..

    PErsonally, I am looking forward to see the IFL and EliteEXC grow.. I think those 2 events are the biggest contenders right now.. I have actually even enjoyed Bodog fights.. having been a fan for a long time.. I say the more the merrier..


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