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Paul Lazenby to be a guest on “Inside the Cage Radio”

Paul Lazenby is not only a former pro wrestler, a Muay Thai fighter, an MMA fighter, and a color commentator for Bodog Fight on ION television and The Fight Network, but he’s also the first-ever confirmed guest for “Inside the Cage Radio” with hosts Sam Caplan and Matt Cava.

Okay, I’m sure the latter achievement ranks pretty low on Paul’s personal list of accomplishments but it’s a big deal to me.

Paul is on board for the first-ever taping of “Inside the Cage,” scheduled for this Saturday at the ESPN 920 studios near Philadelphia. Matt and I plan to have the show available for download by either late Saturday or early Sunday (as we get the hang of things we’ll be able to offer more specific availability times). You’ll be able to download the show either here or at

We’ll talk to Paul about his recent announcement that he’s signed a new contract with Bodog, ask him about reports that Bodog has made cutbacks and whether they’re true, his thoughts on the show in Trenton, and much more!

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    Good luck guys. I’m looking forward to the debut.

    When I was first getting started with my site, Paul was one of the few guys who really encouraged me and offered some great input. He seems like a great guy, and I know he’ll be a good first guest for you.

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    Looking forward to the new radio show…I am always trying to get the night shift guys here in Houston to talk more (any) mma…

    Ask Paul about how he owned a guy the other day on the Sherdog forums at 3am…

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    Paul is one of the most interesting posters on – you have to ask him about his forthcoming book, and get some funny anecdotes about Pancrase and living/training in Japan.


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