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Assuerio Silva and Chris Wilson set to debut at next Bodog Fight taping from Aug. 24-25

The Bodog Fight promotion will be holding their next series of tapings for their show on ION television in the U.S. and The Fight Network in Canada on August 24 and 25 in Vancouver, B.C. has obtained a bout sheet for the tapings and Bodog Fight welterweight champion Nick Thompson is scheduled to fight in a non-title bout. Former IFL fighter Chris Wilson and former UFC fighter Assuerio Silva are both scheduled to debut for the promotion.

Here is the complete bout sheet as of July 31:

145 lbs & under

1. Sami Aziz (Sweden) vs. Hiroyuki Abe (Japan)

2. JR Sims (USA) vs. DJ Taiki (Japan)

155 lbs & under

3. Rodrigo Damm (Brazil) vs. Darren Elkins (USA)

4. Per Eklund (Sweden) vs. Rafael Dias (USA)

5. Ryan Bow (Japan) vs. Santino Defranco (USA)

6. Chris Ade (Canada) vs. Koji Oishi (Japan)

170 lbs & under

7. Nick Thompson (USA) vs. Mark Weir (UK)

8. Piotr Jakaczynski (Sweden) vs. Dan Hornbuckle (USA)

9. Chris Wilson (USA) vs. Ray Steinbeiss (USA)

10. Diego Gonzales (Sweden) vs. Steve Berger (USA)

185 lbs & under

11. Tim McKenzie (USA) vs. Yuichi Nakanishi (Japan)

12. Kyacey Uscola (USA) vs. TBA

13. Steve Byrnes (USA) vs. Alexander Shlemenko (Russia)

205 lbs & under

14. Antony Rea (France) vs. Steve Steinbeiss (USA)

15. Mikhael Zyats (Russia) vs. Buddy Roberts (USA)


16. Assuerio Silva (Brazil) vs. Constantin Gluhov (Russia)

17. Andrew Pederson (Canada) vs. Scott Lincoln (USA)

18. Dan Evensen (USA) vs. Dominic Richards (Canada)

19. Kristof Midoux (France) vs. Brad Morris (Australia)

Women’s 125 lbs.

20. Megumi Fujii (Japan) vs. Lisa Ward (USA)

21. Carina Damm (Brazil) vs. Jessica Aguillar (USA)

22. Rosi Sexton (UK) vs. Julia Berezekova (Russia)

Women’s 135 lbs.

23. Kelly Kobold (USA) vs. Julie Kedzie (USA)

24. Tama Chan (Japan) vs. Molly Helsel (USA)

  • says:

    The womens 135 fights could possibly the most well rounded and entertaining fights on that entire list.

  • says:

    I think a lot of women’s fights are better than men’s. Because women at that weight don’t have a ton of power, they have to rely more on technique in order to win their fights.

  • says:

    Hopefully Silva isn’t hurt, he’s supposed to defend the King of Pancrase title in October.

  • says:

    It was originally going to be 40 fights according to the Wrestling Observer but then they cut back.

  • says:

    […] Sam Caplan: Fights set for next BodogFight tapings […]

  • says:

    Nick Thompson vs. Mike Weir has enough potential to be a main event on any show outside the UFC. I don’t know most of the other fighters but it is certainly good to see them bring more European and Japanese athletes to the fold.


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