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Check me out on Fight Network Radio…

I’ll be a guest on Fight Network Radio with Mauro Ranallo in a short while at 3 p.m. ET. You can listen to the show on Sirius Channel 186 or listen online at

Also, I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates today. Right now there really isn’t much going on. It actually worked out well because I resumed training today after a two-month layoff and it wasn’t pretty. I had to make not one, but two trips to the bathroom. To make matters worse, I am starting at a different school (MFS Philly still rocks, but it’s a long commute for me and my schedule keeps changing… the school I go to now is well-regarded as well and is an affiliate school, so everything is all good) so I looked like a total bitch on my first day. I’m sure you all wanted to know that.

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    Nice job on the show Sam.

    I did a double take as well when Mauro said KJ Noons may be thrown in against Nick Diaz. Why the heck would they do something like that when they are trying to expand their brand name? Seems kinda silly to me.

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    Yeah, that caught me off guard. Noons finally got into a groove Friday night and was able to display his boxing skills. He’s got a lot of room to improve still though, and he’s nowhere near ready for Diaz. Diaz will smoke him.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe that are trying to re-create Gomi vs. Diaz by having Diaz take on another puncher. If Diaz wins, they can promote him as having defeated a pro boxer.

    Another thing to look at is this: Diaz needs an opponent.

    Until the rumored acquisitions are completed, Pro Elite doesn’t have a ton of depth. If not Noons or someone off the roster, then they’re other options for Diaz include Berto, Victor Valenzuela, or Krazy Horse.

    While Krazy Horse vs. Diaz is interesting, I don’t think you can put a lot of money into promoting that match because of Bennett’s issues outside of the cage.

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    Very cool. Goog luck with the training. I am just starting myself.


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