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Neer and Stephens win on separate Iowa shows

Jeremy Stephens and Josh Neer are just two fighters of note to win matches on small shows held in Iowa this weekend.

Stephens, fighting outside of his UFC contract, defeated Nick Walker on Saturday night at Midwest Cage Championships 9 in Urbandale, Iowa.

A day earlier in Iowa, former UFC fighter Josh Neer made his debut at 155 lbs. and was victorious against former UFC and Pride fighter Paul Rodriguez in Des Moines at GreenSparks Fighting Championship 5.

Neer won via TKO at 1:38 in the first round while Stephens also recorded a TKO at 4:45 of round one.

  • says:

    I don’t think Stephens should have been cleared to fight so quickly just from a medical standpoint because he was KO’ed in a fight seven days earlier against Brett Chisum.

  • says:

    Ivan, there’s been a lot of debate as to whether Stephens actually fought Chisum or not. Did Sherdog’s fight finder have the wrong name entered? Or, is there a bit of a cover up going on since Stephens’ job was at stake?

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    From what i understand it was a different Jeremy Stephens.

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    “UPDATE: Stephens did not, in fact, lose at the Wild Bill’s 10 event last weekend in Georgia (it was another MMA fighter with the same name). Sherdog’s Fight Finder inadvertently issued the loss to the wrong fighter.”

    Found out

  • says:

    Yeah apparently it was a mix-up on a fighter database.

  • says:

    Also, Josh Neer actually signed a contract with Pride prior to the company getting bought and shut down by the UFC. I’m not sure if his Pride contract is still valid.

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    […] Sam Caplan: Josh Neer and Jeremy Stephens win on separate Iowa shows […]

  • Shane Schreck says:

    Neer and Stephens are just two examples of what a couple Iowa boys can do if they’re given the chance. Iowa stands alone compared to any state as far as wrestling goes, it won’t be long and the same can be said about MMA fighters out of Iowa.


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