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WEC announces more matches for next Sunday

The WEC will air their second live telecast on the Versus network next Sunday, August 5, at 9 p.m. ET. The card will be headlined by Carlos Condit vs. Brock Larson for the WEC welterweight title and Joe Doerksen vs. Paulo Filho for the vacant WEC middleweight title.

Through its official web site, the fight promotion has announced additional matches for the cad.  Bouts between Jeff Curran vs. Stephen Ledbetter (featherweights), Jamie Varner vs. Sherron Legget (lightweights), Hiromitsu Miura vs. Fernando Gonzalez (welterweights), and Antonio Banuelos vs. Justin Robbins (bantamweights) have all been officially added.

The main televised portion of the card will include Larson vs. Condit, Filho vs. Doerksen, Curran vs. Ledbetter, and Varner vs. Legget.

That’s a pretty sweet double main event and I expect the WEC’s rating to be much stronger next Sunday than it was for their first live telecast. During their first live show, they were competing against a lot of programs that appealed to the male 18-34 demographic. But with a lot of shows in reruns, I think the only real competition for them in their time slot next weekend will be ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

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    Definitely should be a good night of fights. I was actually looking forward to see the Logan Clark fight but it looks like Varner-Legget got put in its place on the main card. Hopefully in the future will see it on a wreckage show. I don’t know if anyone has seen the Versus commercials for the WEC lately but they are pretty good. There is a minute long spot with Faber, Condit, Razor Rob, and Rhino in it, it’s pretty good.

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    I was really impressed with the debut. Although this wasn’t the promotions first show to put it on so cleanly was very impressive. Because I already subscribe to Showtime free MMA events by EliteXC are great and they give a good chance to see fighters that could be in the UFC with several more wins.

    The announcing was superb and I thought Noons was pretty impressive.

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    Ignore the above comment, put it on the wrong post…

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    You gotta love WEC (or any MMA promotion) for putting two titles on the line on free TV. I think this event should be very successful and should be a more refined product.

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    Just a heads up, this will be on TSN in Canada live. They did the last WEC Versus show as well but I don’t watch much TSN so I missed the advertising, if there was any.


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