twitter google reveals final two fighters rumored for “The Ultimate Fighter 6″ has revealed the final two fighters that are rumored to be a part of the cast for the sixth season of The Ultimate Fighter, which is currently being filmed in Las Vegas.

According to Junkie, the rumored cast is also believed to include Daniel Barrera and George Sotiropoulos. A total of 17 cast members are now rumored, with the assumption is a late replacement was needed for a fighter who was injured.

Here is the entire rumored cast for TUF 6:

  • Daniel Barrera
  • George Sotiropoulos
  • John Kolosci
  • Roman Mitichyan
  • Matt Arroyo
  • Blake Bowman
  • Richie Hightower
  • Mac Danzig
  • Tom Speer
  • Joe Scarola
  • Ben Saunders
  • Dorian Price
  • Jared Rollins
  • Billy Miles
  • Troy Mandaloniz
  • Jon Koppenhaver
  • Paul Georgieff
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    Mac Danzig and Ben Saunders are the obvious favorites. Dorian Price could be tough. Richie Hightower also has some buzz. Guys like Barrera and Blake Bowman shouldn’t even be in there. It’s ridiculous to have guys in there with 0 – 0 records. George Sotiropoulos is probably the best jitz guy out of all of them. War Machine will be the character on the show!

    Glad Robbie Lawler was Matt’s assistant coach, too. He’ll liven the show up, as well.

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    Lawler no doubt livened things up, especially during sparring, in all likelihood. It wouldn’t be a complete shock if it turned out that the one dude who got injured suffered the injury while sparring Lawler.

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    Hopefully Lawler being included as coach means he might come back to the UFC as well. Everyone knows the middleweight division needs all the fighters it can.


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