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Ten biggest underachievers in MMA

My latest Five Ounces of Pain column is now available at CBS Sportsline. This week, I take a look at the ten biggest underachievers in mixed martial arts.

You can read the article by clicking here.

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    Great article. My only sticking point is Tanner. I’m a Tanner fan, and I look at him as an underdog who has done good, not the opposite. but I do see your point regarding him not fighting so much in recent years due to his drinking problem; he could have probably put together some quality wins.

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    I agree with you on Gabe Ruediger. He seemed a top contender to win on the show and almost over qualified but he couldn’t make weight. I don’t think he is done yet either and might show up in the UFC eventually, but possibly as a welterweight to avoid the problems he faced on the show.

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    Randleman did hold the belt for the UFC, didn’t he? Personally, he’s not even an underachiever…he’s achieved exactly what he should, based on his training. a couple shocking wins and near misses, and a lot of losses. Shogun’s dismantling of Randleman at the Pride USA show is exactly what his training led him to.

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    Lytle…is he really underachieving? 40 fights is a pretty good barometer for showing someone’s talent and dedication level. i guess if some were in crap promotions….still, seems like a good yardstick. I watched KJ Noons vs. Prison Horse and man did he get nailed.

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    Your article was a lot of fun to read. Reading it got me really excited about checking out the articles you wrote for FIGHT!


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