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Report: Martin signs to fight Leben

Roman Modrowski is reporting in his latest column for the Chicago Sun-Times that Chicago-area resident Terry Martin has signed a bout agreement to fight Chris Leben at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19 at the Pearl of the Palms.

Here’s Modrowski’s report:

Chicago’s Terry Martin signed a contract Monday to fight Chris Leben on Sept. 19 at the Palms in Las Vegas in a ”Fight Night Live” on Spike TV. ”Leben will sit there and bang with me, so this is perfect for me,” Martin said. ”He’s a big name, and it’s going to be on Spike, so it will be free and more viewers will see it.”

There’s no confirmation in the report as to whether Leben has in fact signed his bout agreement and there’s been no official announcement from the UFC.

The report is rather intriguing because Mike Swick made a recent claim in his blog that Leben turned down a chance to fight him at UFC Fight Night 11.

If this report is in fact true, it should be a very good matchup and one would assume it will make the telecast.

To read Modrowski’s full article, just click here.

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    so is everyone past the “leben was ducking swick” stuff now? Swick’s a welter, Leben’s a middle. if he wants to keep fighting in the UFC, Leben (is he still going to fight in the UFC or is this his last fight?) needs to fight middleweights. So let’s say he fights and beats Swick. Swick immediately goes to welter. now leben has a win over a welter. Sherdog don’t list the weight a given fight was contested at (glaring omission by sherdog IMO) so the next time someone looks up Leben/Swick it looks like he beat up a guy he was 15 lbs heavier than.
    that’s how i see it anyways. not defending leben as such, the situation was just bothering me and i wasn’t sure why.

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    The thing was Swick offered the fight at either weight class so he can’t really use that excuse. I really think he didn’t want to fight Swick for fear of losing his third in a row which would ave almost surely sent him packing for a while. What other reason is there to turn down a main event. I am excited for this fight though – both fighters have a lot on the line.

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    Do we even know whether he actually turned down the fight with Swick? And if he did, what was the reason?

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    I think Terry is going to dismantle Leben.

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    […] it’s looking like Chris Leben is back on the card against Terry Marin. Terry’s last two fights have lasted less than 3 minutes combined so it should be interesting […]

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    Either way if Leben was fighting Swick or Martin I’d be interested so it doesn’t really matter to me. Regardless if he won or loss to Swick I think the writing is somewhat on the wall that Leben might be headed to Icon after his contract is up.

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    Swick said they both received the agreement and e signed it and told Leben to pick the weight class. Leben (reportedly) turned the fight down outright. No reason why, at least not that I know of.


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