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New interview with Tito Ortiz on CBS Sportsline

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, great. Another Tito Ortiz interview.” But at the risk of coming off as a self-promoter, I think I did a good job with this interview and that a lot of you will find it interesting.

During the interview Tito made several revelations, such as who he’ll negotiate his next UFC contract with; whether the UFC has the right of first refusal when it comes to offers he might receive from other promotions; what Tito thinks of the other promotions; his thoughts about possibly starting his own promotion; and his response to recent negative comments UFC president Dana White made about Jenna Jameson on Sporting News Radio.

To check out the interview, just click here.

The outtakes of my interview with Tito will be appearing here in the next few days.


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