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Josh Gross writes open letter to Dana White

Josh Gross of has written a very interesting open letter addressed to UFC president Dana White regarding the recent positive drug tests in MMA. To check it out,click here.

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    news coming fast and furious today…!

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    upon reading, I basically agree with everything Josh says. I think I pretty much said the same thing in fewer, less-interesting words in my comments yesterday.
    Thanks for linking to that Sam, i mighta missed it otherwise.

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    I think saying that MMA athletes are the Robert Downey Juniors of the sporting word is funny but it’s also exaggerated, disrespectful towards the thousands of MMA practitioners and, most of all, alarmist. This is the type of claim that plays right into the hands of people who want to discredit the sport as a legitimate discipline. The fact that these reports surface is because there’s at least a minimum of transparency in the industry, one that you’d rarely see in boxing or almost any other sport for that matter. Granted, it is not enough, drastic steps should be taken to control drug usage in MMA and the UFC should play an important role in doing so but the “Dana, clean up mixed martial arts” appeal makes it seem as if Zuffa is the one responsible party in this mess.


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