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UFC releases statement in response to Sherk, Franca has posted a statement by the UFC addressing reports that Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca failed their drug tests that were administered by the California State Athletic Commission leading up to UFC 73.

UFC president Dana White is quoted in the statement:

Today, the California State Athletic Commission released information stating that UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk tested positive for the banned substance Nandrolone Metabolite and that lightweight contender Hermes Franca tested positive for Drostanolone, also a banned substance, in drug tests following their five-round fight on July 7th at UFC 73 in Sacramento, California.

Both of these substances are anabolic agents, and both fighters face a possible fine and suspension by the CSAC.

“Our policy on fighters using steroids, illegal drugs or any banned substance remains the same – you cannot use them,” said UFC President Dana White. “It’s not only unhealthy and unsafe, it is against the law. The UFC fully supports the commission’s efforts and we will continue to take measures that keep this sport clean and keep the athletes safe.”

Kudos to the UFC for addressing the reports in an appropriate manner. They could have pulled a WWE and said something stupid such as “We put smiles on people’s faces.”

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    ….take measures?

    a lot of fluff. For someone as famously blunt as Dana White that’s almost nothing. I expected the press release version of the “This is your f***ing chance and you blew it” speech a la TUF 5, with lots of angry downcast gazes and jaw-clenching.

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    They should at least send an animated GIF of a jaw-clench to the press.

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    Garth, I think the UFC will take a much tougher position on this once the entire process is complete and the fine and suspension are official. Sherk is likely to challenge so the UFC will let all of this play out before they discuss too much publicly should it be overturned and that is likely when they will strip him of the title as well.

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    […] Five Ounces of Pain: UFC releases statement in response to failed drug tests […]

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    The ufc has made it clear that they are not going to do anything to discourage steroid use. Dana says “you can’t use them” but that is horse-shit as

    – they do absolutely no testing of their own.

    – they do not impose any sanctions of their own whatever against fighters that have been caught.

    As soon as the guy’s suspension is over they book him again. Dana White has never said anything specific about any fighter indicating that he is angered by their steroid use. In the case of Bonnar he said “we support him fully”.

    So that press release is nothing more than public relations horse-shit and thinly disguised to boot. Utterly empty words.

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    Sherk you are an idiot. Everyone thought you were this super-caveman-training-freak of nature.

    Even if 99% of your body is all natural like the uncooked bok choi you scarf for breakfast, the 1% that’s steroid-enhanced makes you 100% fraud.

    Better tell your wife to clear off that mantle, chief.

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    i still wanna see an angry “you messed up” jaw clench.

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    I agree with UFCdaily, there will be an appeal for sherk and then the UFC can explain what steps they are going to take. I also agree with jazzn, there *must* be in-house testing and rules (ie suspension). They have to be steep. First time 2 yrs, second failed test life-time. Steroids and performance enhancing drugs are way too tempting in this sport, as in most sports.

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    I think u are innocent till proven guilty! everyone and everyones body is different! we will see!!! watch


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