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Mir and Aurelio to fight at UFC 74 is reporting that both Marcus Aurelio and Frank Mir have been officially added to the undercard of UFC 74, in separate bouts.

As reported previously, Aurelio will be taking on Clay Guida. Mir is now also slated to partake in a battle of heavyweights against Antoni Hardonk.

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    Wow – Aurelio vs Guida is going to be incredible. Guida is emerging as one of the most exciting, active fighters out there, and Aurelio will be a real test for him.

    UFC 74 – card of the year? (pending New Year’s lineup) Besides Randy, Napao, and GSP v Kos, we get:
    Kendall Grove – love his muay thai, I think will contend in ’09 for the MW title, Huerta, and Joe Daddy.

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    By undercard do they mean main card of preliminaries? If Aurelio vs. Guida is a dark match I’m going to puke.

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    Main card OR preliminaries

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    Both are preliminaries. Man Guida can’t get a break can he.


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