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Report: Royce Gracie won’t appeal steroids suspension

Loretta Hunt from The Fight Network is reporting that Royce Gracie does not plan on appealing his suspension by the California State Athletic Commission for testing positive for steroids.

His reason for not appealing? Not because he believes he’s guilty, but basically because he’s too cheap to pay for a lawyer. Perhaps Royce isn’t saving enough on his car insurance so he figures he’ll save money on his legal bills, even at the expense of his reputation.

Here’s a quote from Royce in Hunt’s report:

“I did not appeal the decision because I have been in Spain for the last 1 ½ [months] on vacation with my family, and for me to appeal, I would have to get a lawyer, and then get some experts to run tests and then get more experts to argue with their experts, or I can just pay $2500 fine, and sit out for one year,” Gracie wrote. “Well, I fight once a year anyway and it’s much cheaper to pay $2500 in fine then $10,000 retainer to attorney’s alone. As for my fans, those who believe me, believe me anyway, and those who don’t, does not matter what I do, or what I say, they will not believe anyway.”

So Royce, you mean to tell me that your precious reputation isn’t worth it?


  • says:

    idiot what about clearing your name you cheapskate, ive lost some respect for him. What kind of message does he think this will send out.

  • says:

    Wow, he is terrible at public relations. Not only is he admitting guilt, but he’s making it seem as though the fans would be at fault for not believing him even if he went through with the appeals and won. For being one of the fighters that really sparked many peoples interest in the sport, he really had to work hard to lose that spot on the pedastal, and he definitely has done that. He seems like a different person now, and I’m sure has lost a lot of respect. You don’t accidentally end up with injectable steroids in your system. Just own up to it, say you were trying to recover from an injury or whatever, but the way he handled it is completely ridiculous and transparent.


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