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Lierley vs. Horodecki is on tonight!

The match of the year candidate between Chris Horodecki and Shad Lierley from Everett, Wash. is scheduled to be shown on IFL Battleground tonight at 8 p.m. ET on MyNetworkTV. I saw some highlights from the fight and it looked sick. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. If you’re not a regular IFL watcher, I highly recommend you watch tonight’s show just for that match.

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    I’m a true MMA fan, however, for some odd reason I just can’t bare to watch the IFL matches. Matter of fact, this weekend I watched some fights with Devin Cole and Ryan Schultz and some other guys…and it was just not entertaining…the ref’s stood the guys up SECONDS after the fight hit the ground. Not to mention all the times fights have to be stopped and restarted because of the ropes of the ring.

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    Cheers for the heads up…Living in the UK not caught much IFL as not enough time in the day to dedicate viewing time early in the morning to a sub-standard show but will be sure to find a way of catching this!

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    This is a great fight. I watched it on the FSN IFL show. Trust me – you’ll want to watch it. Best fight in IFL history, bar none.

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    Great fight. Better than Horodecki – Palazsewski.

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    Just saw this last night – it was incredible. I don’t hate on the IFL like most of you guys – I think it’s a great league and I’d rather the refs stand the guys up if they’re not doing anything than leave them grunting and groaning on the ground for 15 minutes with nothing happening (BORING). If the guys are actively working on a submission or pounding they will not stand them up, but they won’t let them go down just to rest either.

    Anyway this fight was intense… I don’t think Horodecki knew what he was in for. Lierley really took the game to him and completely held his own for the first 2 rounds. I would say that round 3 favored Horodecki, although I would have scored it closer than the judges did. I was rooting for Lierley but I felt he did come up short during the last half of the 3rd round.

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    Without a doubt this is the best fight I’ve seen. But seriously, I think Lierley put the beatdown on Horodecki. I don’t see how Lierley could have lost the fight. IFL really needs some new judges.


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