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New Denis Kang interview at Sportsline

I conducted an interview with top middleweight fighter Denis Kang on Wednesday and the transcript of that interview is now available on CBS Sportsline by clicking here.

I asked Denis about his perspective of how Pride was run behind the scenes, discussed his current contract status and what fight promotions he’s speaking with, who he’d like to fight next, and much more.

I also just conducted an interview with another major name from Pride’s past and hope to have that available in the next day or so.

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    Killer interview as usual, Sam.

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    Great interview Sam. To me besides Fedor, there is no other fighter more valuable and marketable to the UFC then Kang. I really do hope they can get something done with him. The middleweight division is so thin right now, they could really use him to go along with Franklin and Silva.

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    I like Kang, but Shogun is a lot more of a score for me…Fedor is the only guy more important in the top-flight level of fighters.
    not to say there’s too many guys in 185 that compare, so if that’s the point well never mind. =b

    USA Today decided to make a point about boxing v. MMA.

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    and yes, i know they already got shogun. kang to me isn’t on the same level as hiim and fedor and nog. and mach sakurai frankly.

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    yeah I wasn’t really referring to guys they already have under contract like Shogun. Just available guys that they could sign. Your first post Garth kind of got at where I was going.

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    Great interview Sam…keep up the AWESOME work man!

    That interview shows why Kang is one of the most liked fighters out there. The UFC needs this guy as much as any other fighter out there sans Fedor..

    He was right on about Pride: I will miss that mystique and the overall production of Pride.

    Come on Dennis, sign with the UFC!


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