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Breaking News: Silva vs. Liddell fight off

According to a new article on Yahoo!, Kevin Iole is reporting in his latest MMA column that a proposed bout between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva is off after Silva reportedly informed UFC president Dana White that he did not want to fight Liddell.

The UFC has been looking for a fight to serve as a main event for UFC 76 on September 20 and had been pushing for Liddell vs. Silva. However, Wednesday was the apparent deadline to get the match done and according to Iole, the deadline passed without an accord being reached.

Iole’s report contradicts what had been previously reported on and a loose translation that this reporter had gotten from Wanderlei Silva’s site.

So who is right and who isn’t?

That’s hard to say because the credibility of Iole and Junkie are both impeccable within the industry.

It should be noted though that Iole has a direct quote from White, which speaks volumes:

“This is the worst news I could have possibly gotten,” White said. “It’s horrendous. I have been trying to make this fight for six years. I have done everything in my power I could do over the last six years to make this fight and it’s still not happening. I just don’t see it happening now.”

We’re just going to have to wait and see how this one plays out. It seems odd that reps for Silva would say he doesn’t want the match when he has a story about the deal being done on his own site. I also find it a stretch that he doesn’t want to fight Liddell. If the money is right, why wouldn’t he fight him? But it all goes back to the quotes from White. You can’t really dispute a quote that comes straight from the boss’ mouth.

Was a deal on the table and about to be signed and it suddenly came a part at the last minute on Wednesday afternoon? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time a match between Silva and Liddell fell through at the 11th hour.

To read Iole’s entire article, just click here.

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    If Dana White hadn’t said things in the past that hadn’t contradicted other things he has said I would take his word as gold. I mean is anyone positive what title is on the line when Rampage and Henderson fight?

    That being said this is certainly disappointing news after so much positive news had come up about this fight. And why the heck did Silva post that on his site and then supposedly turn down the fight? Weird news all around with this fight, as always.

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    […] vs Liddell apparently isn’t going to […]

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    Pretty bad when UFCJunkie’s word if better than Dana’s, agreed. But Iole is also being COMPLETLEY disingenuous by saying Wandy doenst wanna fight Chuck. More like “Wanderlei Silva doesnt wanna fight Chuck Liddell ‘for the money offered’ “.
    I got a sense Iole was trying to stir up the pot with his wording. Good for bloggers, bad for ppl claiming to be journalists. This story will fade… and the fights will go on…
    If this doesn’t end up being true, Yahoo can hire me, because Iole will need to be out of a job.

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    I am going with this fight still being on. It seems foolish for Wanderlei to confirm on his website that the bout is to happen on 22nd September and it now not. My guess is, the news broke to soon. The pesky net bloggers and mma fans broke Dana’s big story before time and now they are back peddling to build more hype.

    Silva’s website has 2 ports of entry one for portugese and one for english note how the english one has nothing about the fight.

    Im sticking my neck out and putting my head on the line. Its happening but Dana’s pissed we all know about it before we should have done!

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    That’s a really interesting theory. Dana has said in the past that he considers Silva vs. Liddell to be the biggest match in MMA history. Perhaps he wants to keep it as an exclusive for an ESPNews announcement or something of that ilk.

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    Sam thats what im running with.
    I mean I’d be annoyed if I was Dana and someone had worked out my big surprise.
    You only have to look back to last week and the big ESPN announcement of Crop Cop fighting Chieck, which yet again we all knew to show that we are all getting far to clued up and smart on the goings on inside UFC H.Q…

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    Dana is so transparent. He’s saying the fight is not happening because he’s trying to pressure the fighters to step up and take less money. In other words, “it’s not my fault, they’re just p__sies.” This is the biggest fight ever, but Dana doesn’t want to set a purse precedent that is super high, cuz other top-notch fighters will soon be demanding the same. I’m sure there are holes in this theory, but Dana uses the media to escalate negotiations and I think that’s what he’s doing this time. And, with hot-headed professional fighters on the on the other side, it’s a tactic that Dana has probably had some success with and Liddell/Silva will probably take the bait.

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    Is now reporting the fight is off and its Silva’s fault essentially.
    A final play by Dana before announcing it on ESPN or now the truth and we were wrong all along?

    Only time will tell I guess….

    UFC 76 desperatley needs a main event however and Dana best come up trumps….

    Im still saying its on…


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