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New Five Ounces of Pain at CBS Sportsline

My latest article is now available on CBS Sportsline. In this week’s piece I take a look at who I believe will be the title holders in all of the UFC’s respective weight classes a year from now.

Click here to check it out. Enjoy.

  • says:

    Agree with you on your picks for 185 and 155. Neither guy is going anywhere, unless Penn can do what no one has to Sherk at 155.
    HW – It’s all over next bout.
    WW – I agree with you, but it won’t be Hughes beating Serra.
    LHW – Your outta your mind. Hendo is as old as King Tut. Before beating a weakened Silva, most ( and me ) were saying he’s at the tail end of a great career and nothing has changed. Liddel, been there done that twice. Rua, things are much different this time with no family honor to restore and almost no cage exp. And Wandy, tough one to call til we see if he’s right again or if he was in too many wars too early in his life. Vale Tudo against men when youre 16 can wear a man out sooner than one realizes.
    But great piece as usual Sam. Well written and well thought out, even if we dont agree. 😀


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