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Gomi to fight for K-1 Hero’s?

I don’t know how reliable is or the blog it’s referencing (Iron Magazine), but for what it’s worth, Iron Magazine is reporting that Pride lightweight champion Takanori Gomi has elected to join K-1 Hero’s.

I’m not going to give my analysis because right now I’m not convinced it’s true. I’m not saying it isn’t, only that I am waiting for confirmation.

Check out the links here.

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    sam: do you think gomi could beat sherk? he’s a striker on a different level from most…but those takedowns. my brother and i were joking that sherk should just stand up from the mount, take down hermes, pass and mount again, then stand up again. he could do that fifty times in a round.

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    I think the match would be a pick ’em. If Gomi kept it standing, he’d knock out Sherk. If Sherk got it to the ground, he’d grind out a decision. I realize what I am stating is the obvious but it is just a question of whether Gomi can stop Sherk’s takedown?

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    Speculation in Japan is that the “surprise” is most likely Gomi, but possibly the return of Genki.


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