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Sam Stout to fight for TKO in September

Lightweight fighter Sam Stout, who is coming off a loss against Spencer Fisher in what was a match of the year candidate at UFC Fight Night 10, is scheduled to fight for Canadian-based fight promotion TKO in September. According to, it appears as though Stout is out of the UFC.

Another Canadian fighter who had been with Zuffa, Mark Hominick, is scheduled to fight for Shootboxing in Japan on July 28. Hominick fought on a recent WEC card, losing to Rani Yahya.

If Hominick and Stout are both free agents then the IFL should make a push to sign both of them and have them fight for the Toronto Dragons. Hominick could fight at 155 lbs. and Stout could try and move up to 170 lbs. Just a thought.

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    Holy crap, Sam Caplan linked me.

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    LOL. You say that as if it means something?

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    I’d like to know why thinks Stout is out of the UFC? He just fought twice for TKO prior to his fight with Fisher and after his fight with Florian. I believe he holds their lightweight title if I remember right. It has always seemed to me that the UFC and TKO have had a pretty good relationship as Stephane Patry is usually mulling around the ring and what not when one of the former TKO guys is fighting.

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    Well, I got lotsa respect for you as an mma journalist, so the fact that you’re linking to my little island of bitter angst is pretty cool. The fact that you read the site makes me feel like I have a voice that could reach the top names in MMA, even if just through a few degrees of seperation. As for Jeremy, if you read the post I wrote, Sam is going back to TKO in September, meaning he’s out of the UFC for a while, at least until 2008. To me, this just seems like a bad idea, and I’m amazed the UFC agreed / decided on it considering Sam is guaranteed fireworks every time (Kenny Florian fluke aside)


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