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Ferrall interviews Dana White

In addition to doing a guest spot on ESPNews shortly after 3 p.m. ET, UFC president Dana White was also a guest on The Scott Ferrall Show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Ferrall is doing a big UFC 73 pre-fight show on Howard 101 between 3 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. ET.

As always, Ferrall is doing a good job and had Dana on for about 15 minutes. Below are a few notable comments that Dana made during the segment:

  • A caller asked about Fedor and Dana assured fans of the UFC that he’s doing everything in his power to bring him in. Said he expects to have Fedor fighting in the UFC by the end of ’07 or the beginning of ’08.
  • In a bit of a surprise, Dana said that Chuck Liddell is “chomping at the bit” to get back in the Octagon and could return at the end of the September. Dana didn’t name an opponent but said he’s working on a big match for Liddell’s return. The surprise lies in the fact that last week Dana said Chuck was looking likely to be fighting again in November. He was also pretty skeptical that a fight between Liddell and Wanderlei Silva, which had been rumored for UFC 76 in September in Anaheim, would be taking place anytime soon. Does a change in Dana’s comments mean that the fight could be in the works again? Or, might a Rashad vs. Liddell fight be in the cards if he beats Tito tonight?
  • Pride was brought up again and Dana said that a lot of the lighter weight fighters from Japan will be making their way soon to the WEC. I found that comment extremely interesting.
  • People were noting that a lot of people are picking Nathan Marquardt to upset Anderson Silva and Dana was asked if he felt that people were disrespecting Silva. Dana said that Silva is a monster and that the people who are picking Marquardt are people that have actually seen him fight. Dana then went on to build up Marquardt’s credentials. He talked about how Marquardt is a counter puncher and that his fights aren’t always exciting when he fights someone who doesn’t press the action. He noted that Silva does indeed push the pace and that it’s an interesting matchup against Silva based on styles.
  • Frank Shamrock was brought up and a caller asked Dana if he’d be interested in having Shamrock fight in the UFC and how he thought he’d do against top middleweights. Dana said that he’d love to have Shamrock back in the UFC so that he could see him get his asked kicked and if it was up to him, it would happen. He said that Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva would decapitate him. Dana commented that Shamrock has a big mouth and will only fight guys he knows he can beat. He kind of inadvertently ripped his buddy Phil Baroni with the way he talked about Shamrock will only take easy fights.
  • says:

    what about chuck vs. shogun? i still don’t see rashad as a number one contender, especially with shogun, wanderlei, arona, et al still in the LHW div.
    i actually just changed my pick to silva from marquardt over on MMAplayground. sam, you should have team 5ozo’P (looks like it’s written in klingon eh?). You’re welcome on my team too, Team Flying Guard Pass…my brother was 100% on the TUF finale, the punk.


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