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Phil Baroni responds to Dana White

The official account for Phil Baroni on the Underground forum at has responded to comments he attributes UFC president Dana White making in the Wrestling Observer.

Here’s what Phi is responding to in the Observer:

“In the new wrestlingobserver, Dave Meltzer says that in a new interview Dana admitted that watching Frank beat Baroni was “painful”. He also says he’d like to sign Frank to a two fight deal where he’d fight Rich Franklin, then Anderson Silva next. “

He said Franklin would “knock his head off his shoulders” and then Silva would “kill him.”

Phil’s response was short and sweet:

I dont think so.

And I like my chances against either one.

In regard to Dana saying that watching Frank beat Baroni was “painful.”

What was so bad to watch? I had my moments in the fight. I walked out of cage on my own power. Unlike my opponent.

Anderson Silva, Franklin was painful to watch.

I could name a few more that were more painful recently but I wont go there.

Franklin should have to fight me inorder to get a shot at Frank.

Its all good in the hood. Every dog has his day. Ill keep fighting like one until I get mine.


Phil B


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