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Entire Gareb Shamus interview now available

An abbreviated version of my recent interview with Gareb Shamus debuted on CBS Sportsline earlier this week. You can now read the completed, unedited version of the Shamus interview by clicking here.

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    [GS: A lot of people like to compare us to the UFC but they went through $44 million over for years before their organization turned around. It’s not as if they opened shop and everybody cared about them. That’s not what happened with those guys. A lot of people like to compare where we are with where the UFC is today and it’s not an appropriate comparison. If you want to make an appropriate comparison let’s compare where we are after our first year and where the UFC was after their first two years (under current ownership). They didn’t have a TV show. They had pay-per-views but they didn’t sell out arenas. They didn’t have athletes that people know. They didn’t have broadcast TV deals. They didn’t have big sponsors. That’s a more fair comparison of kind of where we are after only putting on fights for 13 months now. I think we’re in an incredible position.]

    That isn’t an appropriate comparison either, when Zuffa bought the UFC, MMA was all but dead, Shamus & Otto founded their company during the MMA boom in North America. Everybody has tv & sponsorship deals nowadays.


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