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Showtime to televise six fights from EliteXC/Strikeforce show

Showtime has announced that it will replay six fights from last Friday’s EliteXC/Strikeforce co-promoted card in San Jose, CA this Saturday at 10 p.m. ET. The show will feature the dramatic main event between Frank Shamrock and Phil Baroni and will also feature Cung Le’s stunning performance against Tony “The Freak” Fryklund.

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    “stunning performance”

    I know you come from a TMA background, but you are grossly exaggerating that fight. Cung hasn’t had a competitive matchup in MMA by anyone’s standards yet – when he does, he’ll be double-legged and pounded out in the first round – mark my words.

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    We’ll have to agree to disagree about Le’s performance.

    I also am not ready to say that if he gets taken down to the ground in a fight that he’s in trouble. Le wrestled in high school and college and while a wrestling background doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be good on the ground in MMA, it’s better than having no background. He’s also been working very hard on his Jiu-Jitsu. The fact that he’s a tremendous athlete gives him a huge advantage when it comes to developing a takedown defense. If a guy has the athletic ability and is impressionable towards learning a new art, there really aren’t many obstacles in preventing him from developing decent ground skills.

    He’s yet to be tested on the ground but that’s not entirely his fault. Le is tremendous draw and while he welcomes a test, I’m not sure Scott Coker and Strikeforce want to take that risk.

    I’m saying it here that over time Le will prove to be a well-rounded threat and shock a lot of people.

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    I have to agree mate Lee can only beat who is in front of him and so far he has dismantled the competition, in exciting impressive style.

    Surely Frank Shamrock is a fight to soon for him…..???

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    I was cage-side for Cung’s fight. Fryklund is as durable as it gets. He was trying to shoot in – couldn’t. He was tagged, kicked and paid a price every attempt he made to double-leg Cung Le.

    Le simply dominated a top level journeyman MMA fighter who has a well-rounded game for the most part.

    A greater challenge for Le is also desirable, but he did step up his opposition level on this one for sure.

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    PS: Cung Le has an extensive background in wrestling, so taking him down and controlling him there won’t ever be easy. A top notch Jiu-jitsu guy would be his biggest hurdle.

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    “Le is tremendous draw…, I’m not sure Scott Coker and Strikeforce want to take that risk.”

    We have common ground at least. He’s surely laying golden eggs in terms of attendance in CA.

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    Aren’t these guys shooting themselves in the foot a bit with this? Who is gonna buy these guys PPV’s if they give the event or at least the important matches away for free a few days later?

    They did it with Dynamite and they are doing it again, I sense a pattern here.

    I won’t be buying any PPV’s put on by or in partnership with EliteXC anytime soon now.

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    LOL – do what you will Senor Richard. Go buy the UFC PPV’s like the one from Belfast or the one before where only Jackson v Liddell and Parisyan v Burkman were worthy of the money – whereas the Strikeforce/EliteXC card was killer throughout.

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    I didn’t buy UFC 72 and UFC 71 was a solid card top to bottom, much like the recent Strikeforce/EliteXC show.

    That wasn’t my point though, my point was why buy the show when they are going to give it away free a few days later?

    If it was strictly Strikeforce with a good card, then I’ll buy it no probs. But if it has anything to do with EliteXC, then I know I’ll be able to watch it free on Showtime a few days later so why bother?

    You get it?

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    “He was trying to shoot in – couldn’t.”

    There was one clinch I remember – there was never a serious attempt at a takedown from Fryklund.

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