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Extensive interview with Gareb Shamus available at CBS Sportsline

I recently had the opportunity to interview IFL co-owner Gareb Shamus. Shamus was willing to tackle any difficult question pertaining to his company and I did my best to make sure that I asked him every difficult question I could think of. We talked about the IFL’s current financial situation, whether there are any plans to get away from the team concept, his reaction to Dana White’s critical statements about the IFL, some of the attendance troubles the company has run into, and much more!

Read the interview

Gareb was such a good sport that the interview you see on CBS Sportsline is only half of the whole question and answer session I had with him. He went into great detail about a lot of other topics but due to space constraints, I couldn’t get the entire transcript published. The good news is that CBS Sportsline has given me permission to post the entire transcript here in a couple of days.


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