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White confirms Kongo vs. Cro Cop

Dana White confirmed on ESPNews yesterday that Mirko Cro Cop will be taking on Cheick Kongo at UFC 75 on September 8 in London.

I believe this is a great matchup for Cro Cop in what could prove to be a very exciting fight. Both have similar styles since each are strikers. However, Cro Cop is the more dangerous striker of the two.

I get the feeling that the UFC is trying to set up a win for Cro Cop here so that he can be put in a position to fight for the UFC heavyweight title in his next bout.

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    I agree with your assessment. It’s like they’re giving Mirko more time to shore up his BJJ training before putting him in the cage with Gonzaga/Couture, but one serious question. My Croatian translater and friend Danijel has told me that in the Croatian press, Mirko said he wouldnt sign this bout agreement. His camp wanted a more high profile fighter, i.e. Arlovski. Has the agreement been signed, is this Dana trying to pull Crocop in his direction by announcing it anyway, or since Mirko is already under contract, is the UFC just telling him who to fight regardless if he signs or not? Dana has seemed like the last man to know at times recently. Any more info than just the quick statement by Dana, Sam?

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    Dana’s statement is all I have to go on. And Dana has been known to announce deals before they are official. However, if he’s going out and talking about Kongo vs. Cro Cop then I think that’s the matchup he wants and he’s going to try and make it happen even if it’s not what Cro Cop wants.

    Cro Cop may want Arlovski but I can’t see the UFC making that match before Cro Cop challenges for the title. I’m assuming that the UFC believes the biggest money match it has in the heavyweight division is Cro Cop vs. Couture. However, Gonzaga might win in August. I think the UFC can live with Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop. But I think the matchup they least want to see is Arlovski vs. Gonzaga. If Cro Cop fights Arlovski in September, that’s exactly the matchup they could be left with.

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    I love this match-up because Cro-Cop WILL be tested on his feet and if he steps up, it’ll be a brutal display of striking that will give the UFC audience what they’ve been hoping to see from Mirko. After his last performance, Cro-Cop does not deserve to fight an ex-champ at his next show. He’s my favorite fighter, but he has to prove himself and make up for his mistakes. Plus, Kongo is right up his alley. Two muscle-bound killers swinging for the fences.

    I’d like to see CC vs Kongo, then CC vs Couture (after he loses to Gonzaga), and then, if he gets past Randy, CC vs Gonzaga (or whoever has the title at that point). Then, he defends the title against Fedor or Nogueira (or whoever) before retiring. Shouldn’t that be satisfying to him?

    I don’t doubt that the Cro-Cop camp is particular about how the details of his contract, but if they’re guaranteed $350k per fight, then they should just resolve to blaze a path to the title by delivering big KOs.


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