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Shamrock announces release from the UFC

Ken Shamrock was a guest on today’s edition of Fight Network Radio with Mauro Ranallo and announced that he’s been formally released from his contract with the UFC. Shamrock talked about Dana White’s strong dislike for the IFL (he coaches the Reno Lions) and attributed it as being a reason why his relationship with the UFC has soured.

It looks as though that he’ll be fighting again, just not for the UFC.

The archives from the show should be available tomorrow on the Hardcore Sports Radio web site at

  • says:

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  • says:

    great news. ken should be fighting people his own age in a lower organization.

  • says:

    […] Caplan sums it well here and refers to this radio show that had Ken as a guest […]

  • says:

    I had no idea he had fights left, but yeah, coaching for the IFL is bound to piss off Dana…

  • Joey says:

    Ken can still compete, and win. Maybe not against the likes of the top MMA guys inUFC but in other organizations(King of the Cage…).
    “The World’s Most dangerous Man” is still a draw, and people would watch.
    It may not be 1994 anymore, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.
    As Ken used to say in his WWF days, “Outta my way!!, I’m in my Zoooone!!!!


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