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Nick Diaz calls out Frank Shamrock

According to comments attributed to him on, Nick Diaz is calling out Frank Shamrock following Shamrock’s dramatic second round submission over Phil Baroni this past Saturday.

Here’s what Diaz said on

Nick Diaz, who is signed with ProElite, has requested to face Frank Shamrock as soon as possible. After a spectacular win against Takanori Gomi, Diaz seems intent on enrolling himself for higher profile fights. With both fighters fighting in the same organization this fight seems the logical next step in what would be an MMA fan’s dream come true.

“I watched his last fight and no disrespect intended but I think I would whoop his ass.”, stated Diaz. A formal offer of intent has been delivered to the promoters to set this fight up and now we await their response.

Smart move on the part of Diaz, as he probably saw the unofficial salary figures from Saturday’s card and saw Baroni’s fat paycheck. Baroni got that paycheck by calling out Shamrock via the Internet so if the formula worked once, why not try it again?

The match may not actually be far fetched either, as both have contracts with Pro Elite/EliteXC.

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    Uh…”Win over Takanori Gomi”? Dude, you have to pass the piss test to win, you pothead. Didn’t he have some ridiculous amount of whatever it is they test for with pot in his system? Unless I’m missing something, he didn’t win that fight. He cheated. It probably helped if all allegations are true that he had a pain suppressant in his system with a face completely broken in two by Gomi’s tiny fists of fury. The gogoplata was awesome tho.

    And it seems as if Elite and Shamrock have an interesting system for scheduling matches… I call it the “drunken frat boy” system.

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    I’d love to see Diaz take on Shamrock. But I don’t know how phat a paycheck Baroni got. 75,00 is nice but Shamrock reportedly got 1.3 million for the fight. If I were Diaz I’d want more then what Baroni got if Shamrock is getting that much.

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    I’ve seen that $1.3 million figure floating around on message boards but I’m not sure where it came from. The official number of what Shamrock got paid on the books is actually $200,000. Now, I’m pretty sure that Shamrock is likely getting a cut of PPVs sold but the buyrate isn’t out yet.

    CSAC also says that Baroni was paid $100,000.

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    I just saw that as well Sam, must have been incorrect info floating around. At least now it seems like a more evened out fighter pay for the event.

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    I knew the numbers were wrong as soon as I saw Victor Valenzuela with a $30,000 pay day.

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    […] his explosive statement that Phil Baroni was possibly off the Strikeforce card. Then there was a challenge issued from Nick Diaz to Frank Shamrock. Now his website is coming atcha with a double whammy: Mauricio Shogun Rua is off […]

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    Uhh……Garth, you must be truly dumb as shit. Pot, if anything, will hinder a fighter’s ability to fight. In any case, he DOMINATED AND DEFEATED Takanori Gomi, but NSAC was very gay about this, and screwed him, while leaving all those who have ever tested positive for STEROIDS to keep their very unearned wins. Period.

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    call him out paid brother…fuck all these shi talkers..cheated?..what are you talking about guy…get a grip on things man…people take shit to deal with the pain..get over it..people take shit to get big..small..whatever..if im tired of hearing people shit talk the fk does he feel..i know how..he says fuck you…lol!!

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    Good for Diaz – Smoking a joint(s) should have no impact on the decision of that fight- Diaz is just one tought mother f—cker. I would love to see this fight materialize. Diaz probably walks around at 180-185 anyways. Diaz deserves a big paycheck. This guy has fought the toughest dudes out there and his fights are always exciting (lawler/parisyan/gomi etc…)
    Both of these guys have an edge to them and i think MMA fans everywhere would tune in to see this fight.
    Good call out Nick – Keep up the great fights.

  • Dave says:

    Nick Diaz’s brother is a tool and a dumbass, I hope Dana White hasn’t signed that idiot. Can not believe his comments after final fight have UFC tv show. Very little intelligence with this half wit. Smoked to much pot I guess, fried his brain! On the other hand Nick is tough as nails and puts on a good show all the time!

  • el capitan says:

    nick diaz is a sav, set up the fight, nicks got great stand up with good ground and franks got great ground with good stand up. they both do it big in big fights and both upset predictions. i say set it up and let em go, but nick needs to gain weight since it seems like he issued the challenge.


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