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IFL Battleground’s new direction

I’m not sure how many of you watch IFL Battleground on a regular basis but I had been an avid watched up until a few weeks ago. I just couldn’t deal with the “Best Knockouts” and “Best Submissions” format combined with the really weak IFL “Knockout Girls” auditions.

No matter what kind of show it is, I can never get into a “Best of” format. It just feels stale and as though it was slapped together. For example, I’m a huge Howard Stern fan and I love almost all of the shows they do, but when he goes on vacation I will listen to a second-rate show before I listen to stuff I’ve already heard.

But the IFL has changed producers again and after watching approximately half of last night’s show (I was going back and forth between the IFL and the WWE’s tribute to Chris Benoit on USA) I was really impressed with the new direction of the show. At first glance, the changes aren’t dramatic but there were so many minor tweaks made that it ultimately felt like a different show.

First, they got rid of the monotone voice-over guy and utilized their play-by-play announcer to do promos between matches. The result was a product that came off more as something you’d see live as opposed to a bunch of matches thrown together a few months ago.

Second, from what I saw, there was more focus and buildup on the matches and the team concept. Winning and losing suddenly means a lot more with the implications of each bout stressed to the viewer a lot more. Entire rounds were shown and there was an ESPN-style ticker at the top of the screen with the score of the meet and time left in the round.

In short, it was just a much smoother, compact, and cleaner delivery of the IFL product in comparison to what we had been seeing.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll like the new format, I do recommend you give the show a second try if you haven’t been watching it because you’ll see some noticeable changes.

I was curious what other people thought who saw last night’s show?


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