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Hughes: I’m fighting in December

According to a forum post left by Matt Hughes on his own web site (, his next fight for the UFC welterweight title against Matt Serra on December 29.

Here’s what Hughes said:

I have been told that it will be in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. I do not know where yet, MGM or Mandalay Bay. I would not make plans yet — just letting you know, matt

Previous reports indicated that Hughes’ fight against Serra would be taking place in November in New Jersey. There was also a post in the Underground forum that Serra’s brother, Nick Serra, has also confirmed that his brother’s next bout will be in December.

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    Dec. 29th or 30th? You said 29, he said New Years?

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    According to my calendar, December 30 is a Sunday. I think that the annual “New Year’s” event for the UFC is usually held on the last Saturday of the year.

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    Gotcha. Thanks Sam. I actually have prescheduled plans for this NYE and didnt wanna Hughes v Serra.

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    I’m sure I’m just stating the obvious when I point out that 8 months without a title defense does not help the sport of MMA. If Serra is legit, let him defend his title ASAP. There are a ton of fighters out there who are deserving. He couldn’t possibly need to recuperate that long from such a short fight with GSP. MMA does not need champions or title matches that are propped up media creations or fabrications of the intensity of competition. After TUF 5, it is clear to me that reality TV does not bring out the best in MMA athletes nor does it actually result in competetive “grudge matches.”

    Please, less drama, and more of the science of fighting.

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