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White addresses Pride rumors

There are some new rumblings about another Pride show taking place after Nobuhiko Takada was quoted by Daily Sports of Japan as saying there will basically be a Pride 10-year reunion show in October. Takada’s comments were made coming off the heels a report by Nikkan Sports last week stating that Pride’s next show in Japan would be in August.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer was able to get a hold of UFC president Dana White and have him address the rumors.

The following appears in Meltzer’s daily report for Monday:

According to Dana White, the stories of a Pride show on 10/11 are as accurate as last week’s story about an August card. In other words, nothing to them at all no matter what is being said in Japan.

It looks like there are just a bunch of rogues right now running around and using the Pride name to create some hype. It’s possible that a show using some of Pride’s old crew might be thrown together but it doesn’t appear as if we’re going to see an official Pride show anytime soon.

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    […] president of PRIDE Nobuhiko Takada says PRIDE will return in October. Dana White says that ain’t happening. Takada has a history of making bogus announcements. Dana White has a history of lying about things […]


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