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Mercer is one and done with MMA

After getting kneed, taken down, and choked out by Kimbo Slice in Atlantic City this week, boxer Ray Mercer is done with mixed martial arts, according to the following article that appeared on

Ray Mercer tried his hand at mixed martial arts this weekend. The result? He’s sticking with boxing.

The former WBO world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist lost to noted street fighter Kimbo Slice in Atlantic City, N.J., this weekend in a fight that lasted just 1:12. Mercer submitted to Slice’s guillotine choke hold.

“I walked right into his trap,” Mercer said, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. “It was like I put my head in his armpit and said, ‘Go ahead, choke me.’ From now on, I’m sticking to boxing. I can’t get choked out in boxing.”

Mercer, 46, hasn’t fought in the boxing ring since losing in seven rounds to Shannon Briggs in August 2005 in Hollywood, Fla.

I think that there’s one boxer who finally understands MMA. Boxing is only one aspect of fighting while MMA incorporates just about all aspects. It’s really the only combat sport out there that tests the best of the best in each isolated combat sport whether it be traditional martial arts from East Asia, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing, Muay Thai (which I guess is a traditional East Asian martial art but I think it deserves its own category), and even boxing!

Hey, I was a boxing fan even before I followed MMA and still enjoy and appreciate boxing. However, I’m sick of all these boxers who think their sport is the be all end all of combat sports because it’s not, it’s just one fraction of the whole combat equation.


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