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Gannon says he’s been approached by K-1

Street fighter Sean Gannon, who was given a shot to go legitimate by the UFC and lost to Brandon Lee Hinkle at UFC 55 in his MMA debut, has issued a post on the Underground forum claiming that he’s been contacted by K-1 about a possible future K-1 rules match against Kimbo Slice.

a lot of people have questioned the legitimacy of the win because of the chokeholds. the best way to settle this is a rematch in a pure striking environment…K1. K1 has already contacted me, i assume this is what they want. gannon/kimbo makes a lot of sense for them, would sell a lot of payperviews to people who don’t normally buy K1. help start the buzz, we made the first one happen, lets do it again!

Gannon may have to wait in line because it was announced after Kimbo’s win over Ray Mercer this past Saturday that he’ll fight Tank Abbott in Atlantic City this September.


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