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Nick Diaz won’t corner Nate Diaz is reporting that Nick Diaz will not be allowed to corner his younger brother, Nate Diaz, for Nate’s upcoming fight this Saturday against Manny Gamburyan in the lightweight final of the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Diaz is still serving a six-month suspension imposed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for testing positive for marijuana leading up to his fight against Takanori Gomi at Pride 33 in Las Vegas.

Jake Shields, who trains with the Diaz brothers as a part of Cesar Gracie’s camp, will join Gracie as a cornerman for Nate Diaz.

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    same jake shields with a win over Yushin Okami?

    the whole Nick Diaz story still leaves me confused. Did he go into the fight stoned? was he puffing on the hookah after pissing for the athletic commission? did the his BRC (blood-reefer content) increase his pain threshold? the fact that he got his face almost broken in half by Gomi’s fists of fury, yet still was whupping him rather intensely leads one to that last conclusion.
    but still! weird!

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    also, will karo corner manny?

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    Check out my interview with Manny on CBS Sportsline.

    He said that Karo won’t be cornering because Karo doesn’t get along with Manny’s instructor.

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    Seems Karo cant get along with anyone….
    I also read that Gilbert Melendez along with Jake Shields will corner Nate. I doesnt get much better than that.

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    so is it the NSAC or Zuffa that is preventing Nick from cornering Nate?

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    My understanding is that in a state where there is regulation, all corner people have to be licensed. So in this case, I believe it is NSAC that decides who can corner and Zuffa really doesn’t have much say. Since Diaz is under suspension, I can understand why NSAC would deny him a license to corner.

    I think that the only thing Zuffa can do in Nevada when it comes to corner people is maybe file a complaint if they have cause. Diaz not being on great terms with Zuffa has nothing to do with his being denied a license. Guys like Matt Lindland, Pat Miletich, and others who have heat with the company (well, Miletich actually gets along great with the Fertittas, Dana is another story) corner fighters on a regular basis.

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    what’s your opinion on this topic Sam? I fail to see why Nick would be banned from cornering. I understand the rules are in place to make sure fighters are event but I don’t understand why they apply to corner licenses too.

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    I agree with the decision to prevent him from cornering. He broke the rules and is on suspension and should be barred from all official MMA activities until his suspension runs out.

    It’s like when a manager gets tossed out of a baseball game. He doesn’t get to stay in the dugout if he agrees not to do any managing — he has to go back to the clubhouse.

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    I think Nick Should Have been allowed to cornering his brother yea ok so he smoke a bit of weed and he wasn’t allowed to fighter but I mean he wouldn’t he fighting or anything and it would have been nice for Nate to have Nick there for the biggest fight yet like man thats sad that they stopped him.


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