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David Terrell to return to the UFC at 205 lbs. is reporting the following:

From a fighting perspective, the past 2 years have been hard ones on David Terrell. The Gracie Jiu-jitsu Black belt has endured a string of injuries that have kept him out of the cage. Forced to sit on the sidelines he has instead been focusing on a successful school he runs out of Santa Rosa, California. Meanwhile the sport of MMA has exploded onto the American market in ways no one envisioned just a few years ago.

Now injury free and wanting a piece of the pie, Terrell eyes a return to fighting. This time however he seems determined to fight at the 205lbs weight limit instead of his recent 185 lbs. outings. The drastic weight cut to 185 proved too demanding and often left him drained of energy and susceptible to sickness. We should see Dave back in the UFC at the new weight mark later this year and those of us who know him can’t wait.

Terrell was once a top prospect in the UFC before all the influx of new talent as a result of all the seasons of TUF. Unfortunately, injuries have derailed his career and it will be interesting to see if fighting at 205 lbs. will allow him to be more durable. It will also be interesting to see how he holds up against bigger fighters in the light heavyweight division.

Also, David Terrell is not the same guy as Dave Terrel, who fights for Zuffa in the WEC.

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    Terrell is a very interesting fighter, and very talented as well. But injuries have basically killed his career right now. Every time we hear he is fighting on a UFC card we eventually hear he is hurt and off the card. I hope he is healthy and finally ready to fight again, otherwise I might treat this news from graciefighter like the rest of their news lately.


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