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Trigg: Sakurai vs. Sanchez may not happen

I didn’t hear it firsthand, but there are multiple accounts claiming that Frank Trigg said on TAGG Radio yesterday that he’s spoken with people for Hayato Sakurai who claim that Sakurai has not been contacted by Zuffa to fight for either the UFC or Pride. According to Trigg, he’s been told that no one has talked to Sakurai about a fight against Diego Sanchez.

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    One, I wont believe it because Frank Trigg said it. Two, I wont believe it because I dont want to! Damn, I want that fight to happen.

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    Well if Trigg’s contacts in Sakurai’s camp are as good as the ones he had in Pride we know how this story is going.

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    […] Sam Caplan says that Frank Trigg says that Hayato Sakurai’s management says that Hayato Sakurai said he doesn’t know why people are saying he’s going to fight Diego Sanchez. I dunno though … Frank Trigg was like the last person in the world to realize Pride was being sold to the UFC, so I don’t trust his judgment very much. […]


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