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Shamrock confirms he wants to fight for UFC has an article on Ken Shamrock now up on their site. Shamrock was in Vegas for the IFL show last week and confirmed to NBC Sports that he’s indeed looking to come out of retirement in order to fight for the UFC.

Shamrock was asked about whether he could still coach the IFL while fighting for the UFC. He doesn’t believe it will pose a conflict.

“They are totally different,” Shamrock says. “The IFL doesn’t have to compete with a big show, the UFC’s got all of it anyway. This is about a team of fighters representing a city or area, it’s a whole different animal, fans for a team, fans for an individual. As MMA grows there’s room.”

As the man who created the prototype MMA training center, the Lion’s Den, over a decade ago, Shamrock is as much a professor of the sport as he is one of the sport’s most respected competitors.

“Coaching, fighting, it’s what I do, have done and enjoy,” he says. “The young guys who come into the Den, I tell them, ‘Take care of your character, your career. You want to be a bad—-, do it in the ring, don’t take it outside of that. Learn how to be a professional, never take fans for granted.’ I’ve always taken care of my fans. If they don’t ask me for an autograph I feel I haven’t done something right.”

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