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White: Tito didn’t want to fight Forrest

On Saturday, UFC president Dana White continued his campaign of trying to kill the credibility of one of his biggest draws, Tito Ortiz.

According to Iole, White tried to match Ortiz up with Forrest Griffin when they first began putting together the card for UFC. Ortiz declined.

“Tito didn’t want to come over here, the big sissy,” White said.

Forrest said after yesterday’s win over Hector Ramirez that he would welcome a rematch.

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    I don’t know if White is trying to destroy Tito’s credibility as much as he is trying to keep him relevant in the sport. Let’s face it Tito gets paid alot of money to fight and is very marketable to fans, but he also hasn’t really been at the top level of the game in the LHW division for a while. Can he really beat a top level guy right now(Liddell, Shogun, Silva, Rampage, Henderson) I don’t think he can. And he gets paid just as good, if not better then all of them. The UFC has to keep one of their most marketable fighters relevant, why not start a huge “rif” with Dana White, why not have him start a fight in the crowd with Rashad Evans. It keeps interest in him, and keeps him making money and the UFC as well.

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    Don’t know if White is trying to destroy Tito’s credibility? I’m not fan of Tito Ortiz, but Dana is trying to kill what little credibility Tito has left. He’s not trying to do Tito any favors.

    The only way for Tito to stay relevant is by winning fights against top competition. Something he hasn’t done in years (and no, I don’t consider his win over Forrest Griffin legitimate, Griffin should have won that fight). One thing we agree on Jeremy is that we both don’t think Tito can beat a top level guy.

    The anger between the two is real. Dana is abusing his power to sabotage Tito more than Tito has already sabotaged himself (which is quite a lot).

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    Thanks for the response Sam, quick I might add as well. I don’t know, with Tito everything seems like a Soap Opera to me. There is no real substance(performance wise) but tons of drama that helps keep people interested in what he does. Whether it be bad drama(hatred of Shamrock, Dana White, Liddell) or good drama(his subsequent TUF appearance). It comes off as an act, and with the amount of money to be made, there would be good reason to keep it up, at least in my view.

    I certainly understand with your knowledge, access and what not within the sport it could easily be seen as the exact opposite though. But it wouldn’t surprise me if one day Tito(once his contract runs out) re-signs with the UFC and acts all nice guy Tito again(like he did during TUF and subsequent time til the White vs. Ortiz boxing fiasco), i don’t know. But I guess whatever happens will happen in the long run. Maybe I have just become jaded with what goes on between these two with the whole stupid boxing match garbage that went on. To me that was from the beginning the most pointless thing in the world, and then I had to hear even more about it when it didn’t even happen.

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    Jeremy, I agree with your point about the drama aspect of Tito’s career. And it’s obviously been played up a lot. He definitely subscribes to a pro wrestling-style philosophy. And having heat with the boss has worked for Tito in the past. But we’re past the point of Tito not liking Dana and Dana not liking Tito. You have the president of the biggest fight company in the world calling Tito a “pussy.” It’s one thing to say this guys is a jerk and that guy is an idiot, but when you say a guy can’t fight well, or worse, is too cowardly to fight… well then, that’s past the point of trying to do business.

    You can never say never when large sums of money are involved, but the only way Tito is going to stay with the UFC is if they offer him more money than other suitors. And the only way the UFC is going to want to outbid everyone is if Tito can somehow prove in his next two fights that he’s still a top guy. As much as Dana hates Tito, he hates the competition more. I think he’d rather pay Tito than see him help out the competition. But if Tito has little credibility left as a fighter, then the UFC won’t care all that much who he fights for.

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    “As much as Dana hates Tito, he hates the competition more. I think he’d rather pay Tito than see him help out the competition. But if Tito has little credibility left as a fighter, then the UFC won’t care all that much who he fights for.”

    Well I guess we both agree Dana is a very sharp business mind it would seem. But I certainly can see your point that’s for sure on this.


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