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More UFC 72 press conference notes has a rundown of the post-fight press conference notes from UFC at:

Those who will be receiving bonuses include Tyson Griffin and Clay Guida for “Fight of the Night,” Marcus Davis for “Knockout of the Night,” and Ed Herman for “Submission of the Night.”

During a post-fight interview with, Davis said he’d like to fight Takanori Gomi. I don’t think the match will ever happen, but it’s still interesting.

At one point, someone asked about both Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. White said that they hadn’t spoken to Lesnar (although in the past he’s said that the UFC is interested in Lesnar) but were speaking with Angle. White reiterated how he didn’t think Angle could make the jump right to the UFC and would need proper training. It’s interesting, because the Wrestling Observer reports that Angle recently canceled meetings with Bodog that could have led to a finalized contract with the promotion. Was it a case of Angle not wanting to get into MMA, or was it a case of trying to give the UFC another chance to negotiate?

A lot of people believe Angle is just talking MMA to keep his name in the mainstream news but as I’ve said on the record before, I believe he’s going to fight MMA. However, he’s going to have to do it sooner rather than later because he’s not getting any younger.

White also confirmed that Rich Franklin will get the next UFC middleweight title shot. As for Phil Baroni, White confirmed that he could fight again for the promotion if he beats Frank Shamrock (but he apparently wouldn’t say Shamrock’s name).

Forrest Griffin also apologized for being “rude” and “curt” with the fans and media leading up to the fight. He said that the pressure to win has grown very big.

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    Dana White also restated that the overall plan is to keep PRIDE a seperate company. I guess you’re on the “PRIDE is dead” bandwagon now…

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    I read in two separate articles about the post-fight press conference that both stated Dana White said they were still trying to figure out what they were going to do. I’m not on anyone’s bandwagon.

    Where did you read that he restated the overall plan to keep Pride a separate company?

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    “Dana also mentioned that PRIDE is “a mess” and it is still the plan to run the companies seperately. This will lead to the planned “Super Bowl of MMA”. However, the issues, which Dana did not go into, need to be resolved.”

    From the 411mania link you posted.

    Maybe you missed it before, I just thought it was curious that you neglected to mention perhaps the biggest news item from the conference, particularly after you wrote that blog post about how PRIDE may be no more. I’m an adamant believer that they always have planned to keep PRIDE shows running in Japan, so I’m interested to see what will come of this new morsel of information.

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    The guy also reported that Dana said that Pride is still a “mess” and that a lot of things still need to be “resolved.” I guess we disagree about it being a big news item. Regardless, I left a link so that everyone could read the entire thing.

    Why is it curious just because I reported that Pride may be no more? Do you think there is some big conspiracy in my reporting? I think you need to relax. I wrote several editorials that I took a lot of heat for when I said that I was against the UFC buying Pride (before the sale was announced in late March).

    If they decide to keep Pride separate, it’s news. If they decide to kill it, it’s news. If they keep saying they aren’t sure, I’m really not sure how big the news is.

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    Fair enough. I guess I’d have to actually hear what he said or read it word for word to determine how emphatic he was about the PRIDE staying separate part.


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