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Calvin Ayre makes Dana White an offer…

Bodog issued this press release earlier tonight…


In response to recent comments made by Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White, Bodog Fight founder Calvin Ayre is pleased to extend a once-in-a-lifetime offer to his mixed martial arts rival.

White’s unfortunate public diatribe included slanderous comments about the Canadian billionaire, referring to the online gaming mogul as a “criminal”. The notoriously bald UFC promoter goes on to liken Mr. Ayre to a Richard Pryor character, stating “he’s like that guy in Brewster’s Millions who is trying to spend all his money in 48 hours.”

With July 14th’s Bodog Fight: Eddie Alvarez vs. Matt Lee marking Ayre’s first event on U.S. soil, the digital entertainment icon is referencing another Hollywood film, The Godfather, by making White “an offer he can’t refuse.”

“Sources tell me Dana’s a big Bodog Fight fan,” said Ayre. “He must be. He can’t stop talking about us. Personally, I love it when he keeps mentioning my organization in the media. He doesn’t seem to realize that each time he does, he only makes me more money, which is why I want to repay him by allowing him to experience the luxurious lifestyle I am fortunate to enjoy for 48 hours.”

“Since, regrettably, I am unable to attend the upcoming Bodog Fight event in New Jersey, I will offer to send my private jet – complete with an assortment of beautiful Bodog Girls – to pick up Mr. White, wherever he may be. I will then fly him to the east coast where he will enjoy a front row seat to our next event, followed by a VIP evening including a comfortable five-star overnight stay in a nearby Atlantic City hotel. After hitting the poker tables, Mr. White can retire to his lavish suite, sip the finest champagne and relax in the knowledge that all amenities and services are complimentary as my way of saying ‘thank-you’ for all the money he keeps making me.”

All Mr. White has to do is send his R.S.V.P. to [email protected] and the wheels will be put into motion.


An offer Dana White can’t refuse? C’mon now. White lives in Vegas. Why would a paid stay in Atlantic City interest him? It’s an obvious grandstand challenge to get some press (hey, it worked), but with all the money Ayre has why couldn’t he had made an offer that White would actually have to consider? Something like he’ll put up $100 million for a five-on-five best of series in each weight class between Bodog and the UFC. If the UFC can beat Bodog, they get the money. If they can’t UFC owes Bodog nothing.

What would be in it for Bodog? Well, a chance to go up against the UFC head-to-head. Good press, plus an opportunity to maybe even beat them.

What’s in it for the UFC? Hey, $100,000 million is nothing to sneeze at.

If Bodog could sign Fedor, they’d have a shot winning two out of the five matches. I think Fedor would beat any heavyweight that the UFC has right now and I think if Matt Lindland got Anderson Silva to the ground, the match would be over.

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    I doubt Ayre has the one hundred thousand million to put up for grabs, really.

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    100,000 million – great math skills genius

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    i think a bajillion would be more apropos

    as an aside, i was wandering through wiki and decided to check up on Rashad’s entry (i haven’t got a lot to do right now) here:

    check out the last line about Sean Salmon right before they got to Rashad’s “Personal Life” entry, and his record. I think someone was having a little funny.

    the smiley still unnerves me.

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    $100,000 million!?


    It’s been corrected.

    And my math skills are fine. It’s called a typo.

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    Bodog is only 10 months old and look at where they are. This is good for MMA.


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