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Baroni says Shamrock is panicking

I interviewed Phil Baroni today for an interview that will be appearing on CBS Sportsline early next week. I was a little nervous going into the interview because I’ve seen and heard Phil get short with reporters in the past. But I can’t complain because he was super nice and really cool (as are most fighters I speak with).

A few notable things he said (well, actually, he said a lot of notable things but you’ll have to read it next week on Sportsline) is that Dana White not only offered him a UFC middleweight title shot if he knocks out Frank Shamrock, but Dana said he’ll give him a bonus. I asked if he knew the amount but he said he didn’t know. He said Dana has always been good to him through the years and he trusts that Dana will deliver.

Phil also said he’s heard that Frank is now training with Dan Henderson at Team Quest in Temecula, Calif. as he gets ready for the fight. He said Frank has been up there for a couple of weeks and that it’s simply a panic move on Shamrock’s part.

As you know, Phil has been very critical of Frank’s character. The one thing I really like about how the interview turned out is that Phil did a good job of giving reasons why he doesn’t like Frank. Yes, he called him plenty of names and dropped a few F-bombs, but he added some context to what he’s been saying.

Next Friday is going to be one helluva card.

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    Man, Sam, I cant freaking wait either. That card is stacked. Root for my buddy Krazy Horse. He’s a heck of a nice guy. I hope this gets him some good exposure.

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    Greatest generation my ass, frank shamrock is a punk.


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