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UFC makes offer to Sokoudjou?

According to written accounts, Dan Henderson was a recent guest on TAGG Radio and addressed a number of topics. One of them was the status of Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, who trains under Henderson at Team Quest in Temecula, Calif.

Henderson was reported to have said that the UFC made an offer to Sokoudjou but said that it was “less than spectacular.”

If it’s true, then the UFC is making a mistake here, just like they are by not going out and preventing Denis Kang from signing elsewhere. Sokoudjou is an unbelievable talent and both he and Mauricio Rua are the future of the light heavyweight division in MMA.

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    Perfect example of why the dissolution, if you will, of Pride is a bad thing, and how the UFC is giving Calvin Ayre all the rope he needs to hang them in the future. If Kang and Soko and Fedor sign within the alliance, that’s reason for me to buy their PPVs instead of UFCs. I’m already spending my monthly $40 on the Strikeforce card instead of 72… And didn’t Tito say if he loses he’s going to K-1 or Strikeforce? He’s got serious talent on his Team that he could pull from, also.

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    When I interviewed Tito I mentioned the possibility of leaving the UFC and he made it clear his preference would be to stay. So I haven’t heard anything about Tito going to K-1 or Strikeforce. However, I’ve said in the past that if he doesn’t perform well in the last two fights on his current UFC contract, he’s going to have more value to outside promotions than he’ll have to Zuffa. Because of the success the PPVs he’s main event’d have had, he’ll garner a big offer even if he goes 0-2 in his next two fights.

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    Check out Ortiz’ video interview on if you missed it. I think that is where he discusses potential new homes in case things don’t work out long term with the UFC. He also seems open to the idea of a fighter’s union, and says he and Chuck made “about” $1.5m and $2.5m from UFC 66, respectively.

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    To MTU- You just brought up a major point about the strikeforce card. I have to agree that I would rather see that card than UFC 72. This has to be the first time that a US mma promotion has put together a card better than the top dog UFC (that was within the same month anyways). I also think that strikeforce could do very well with ppv buys as they now have showtime helping them out. UFC needs to be careful offering these low dollar contracts to high caliber fighters. Losing fedor would be a huge loss no matter how you look at it.


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