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Bisping expected to fight Hamill

According to Ticketmaster, Michael Bisping’s opponent at UFC 75 in London will be fellow TUF 3 alumnus, Matt Hamill.

Here’s a link:


Henderson vs. Rampage, Hamill vs. Bisping, and Cro Cop vs. Cheick Kongo. It looks like the UFC is bringing their A-game to London.

Updated: A correspondent for the Wrestling Observer reported that Bisping said the following about the scheduled bout against Hamill:

“I forget his name, (he) is a good wrestler but has no BJJ and couldn’t strike a match. . . I also recall he went to the hospital three times during TUF 3, and each time came back to the TUF house with his tail between his legs. He spent more time in bandages than King Tut.”

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    I can’t call Bisping vs. Hamill “A-game.” And I think the rumor mill has Mirko facing Cheick Kongo.

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    Well at least it’s a marketable fight. Considering how weak Hamill’s standup is I really have a feeling that this will be a pretty ugly affair, unless Hamill can manage to get by the punches but I really don’t see that happening. At least it’s a little more compelling than Sinosic.
    I’m sort of surprised that so many people give Hamill the upper hand on paper for this fight, I really don’t think he’s progressed nearly as far as Bisping has since TUF3.

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    I think Hamill is a huge step up for Bisping and is a real intriguing non-main event match. If the fight goes to the ground, Bisping is screwed.

    I also like Kongo vs. Cro Cop. Kongo meshes well with Cro Cop’s style. I think it’s going to be a great fight.

    So far, the UFC 75 card is far and away above the Manchester card and the Belfast card. That’s why I said it looks like the UFC is bringing their A-game.

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    According to some Croation news from the forums, Mirko has not agreed to Cheick Kongo. He told his manager he wants to fighter better competition now. Mirko said he understood a couple of easy fights on is way to the title, but not anymore.

    I guess Cro Cop is having trouble getting motivated to fight these no names.

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    The problem is, I don’t see any reason to give him tougher competition. He underestimated his competition once and paid dearly for it. To be honest though I would prefer him to fight Arlovski for the next shot at the title but I don’t know if they’ll give him that opportunity.


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