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Report: Johnnie Morton tests positive for steroids

Sherdog’s Josh Gross is reporting that former NFL wide receiver Johnnie Morton has tested positive for anabolic steroids, according to the California State Athletic Commission.

Morton was knocked out by Bernard Ackah in the first round during K-1’s Dynamite USA!! card on June 2 at the LA Coliseum. At the urging of his agent, Morton refused a post-fight anti-doping test while recovering from his injury that night at a local hospital. CSAC suspended Morton indefinitely and withheld his $100,000 purse.

Morton had submitted a pre-fight sample and CSAC made arrangements to expand the scope of the testing of the original sample, which is where I’m presuming this positive test came from.

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Way to go Johnnie. You managed to not only screw up your MMA career but your NFL career as well. Then again, he didn’t have much potential in either sport anyway. Perhaps that’s why he resorted to steroids?

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    Good riddance. At least these shlubs are associated with K-1 and not UFC. What’s with some of the Japanese promotions and the “circus freak” stuff they pull? Just anything to sell tickets?

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    harsh… but I lol’d

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    FYI, My comment was directed to Sam not Garth. I never lol at Garth.

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    hah, you can lol at me all you need to. on the intertubez i can take it. in real life… i cry, just a little


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