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New Cung Le interview available on Sportsline

I have a new edition of Five Ounces of Pain on CBS Sportsline at:

This week I interviewed undefeated Strikeforce star Cung Le. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, even before he got into MMA and was still fighting San Shou. Before I started training MMA, I was studying Kung Fu. When I transitioned over, it was a humbling experience because a lot of what I had learned previous to MMA had become useless. But seeing Cung Le incorporate traditional martial arts into some of his fights made me feel as though that maybe I hadn’t completely wasted my time.

Coming from a traditional martial arts background, Le is usually very respectful. However, towards the end of the interview you will see that he doesn’t hold back on Frank Shamrock. Shamrock has been dropping Le’s name lately and Le isn’t too happy about it.

Both Cung Le and Frank Shamrock will be fighting on the same card next Friday (June 22) in San Jose, Calif. on a joint Strikeforce/EliteXC promotion. Le will be taking on MFS-product Tony Fryklund while Phil Baroni will be fighting Shamrock for the vacant Strikeforce middleweitght title. The card will be available on Showtime PPV.

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    Good questions, Sam. I’ve always been a fan of that guy and used to love watching him on ESPN. Hey, Ryo Chonan once pulled off a flying scissor takedown, Cung made a living doing it. If he can learn catch wrestling or pancrase-style fighting in addition to his already impressive skill set, his game from San Shou can transition nicely to MMA. Since 185 is filled with great strikers, he cant sit on that and hope to succeed.
    What team is Le associated with?

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    Cung Le is associated with his own schools, Cung Le Martial Arts Centers. However, he spends a lot of time training at the American Kickboxing Academy with Javier Mendez. He also has a BJJ coach.


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