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Denis Kang talking to Bodog; More on Jackson accusations

Another fine job by Mauro Ranallo on Fight Network Radio today. Mauro has been breaking a lot of news on his show and today was no exception:

1) According to The Fight Network, Hideki Yamamoto has responded to recent accusations made by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in which Jackson claims he was offered a $2,000 bribe to lose via knockout or submission to Kazushi Sakuraba in a 2001 bout for Pride. According to the show, Yamamoto claims that his attorney will be submitting a legal letter to KOTC owner Terry Trebilcock (and I’m assuming Jackson will be sent something) detailing that both Trebilcock and Jackson are incorrect in their accusations. Apparently, Yamamoto will be sending documentation that shows the $2,000 bonus in question was for losing by a referee’s a referee’s stoppage, either via knockout or submission. As stated here yesterday, the goal behind the clause was to create more drama in matches by enticing fighters not to quit under any circumstance.

2) According to The Fight Network, Denis Kang is engaged in “deep” negotiations with Bodog Fight.

You can hear Fight Network Radio with Mauro Ranallo every weekday from 3-4 p.m. ET on Sirius 186. If you don’t have Sirius or don’t get 186 on your receiver, you can always go to the URL below and listen to archives (you’ll need to scroll down):

I highly recommend the show and there’s a good chance I’ll be on again this Monday.

If Kang ends up signing with Bodog, then the UFC will have made a major mistake in not landing. A lot of people are excited about Paulo Filho in the WEC, and while I agree that he’s great, I actually think Kang is the better middleweight.

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    I agree with your last comments. Kang would be a huge loss for the UFC. He’s Korean, he’s a gentleman, he’s marketable, and did I mention he’s a top three MW? Interesting since he was just at UFC 71 cornering…Din Thomas? Or his opponent, I cant remember, but I sure was hoping the ol’ UFC brass sent someone to talk to him.

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    I think it’s funny that you think the UFC is making a mistake. I think Kang is the one who’s making the mistake! Whether you like to admit it or not, Zuffa are good businessmen. They’re not idiots like the morons who drove PRIDE into the ground. The reason they like to sign people to long term contracts is because they’re smart. Why build up a fighter as a top draw only to have him jump ship after a two fight contract because a competing MMA organization offered more money? That’s why Randy, Chuck, & Hughes, and now Cro Cop make huge amounts of money because they’ve stuck by the company through thick and thin (minus cro cop), built a name up for themselves, and are considered top talent. Cro Cop on the other hand was already a big name talent, signed a contract for 6 fights and to the best of my knowledge receives a base salary of $300,000 for each fight.

    Dennis Kang may be chasing the Almighty Dollar that BoDog is promising them but he won’t be considered a top fighter unless he’s fighting top competition. So far, BoDog doesn’t have that. They may in the future, but right now the UFC is the big dog and for good reason.

    You never know who’s a fly by night promotion anymore. The WFA was supposed to be a threat to the UFC but they went and blew their wad on big names. They paid them too much and then couldn’t pay their bills.

    Calvin Ayre’s pockets may be a bit deeper but any smart businessman knows when to cut off his investment when it’s not lucrative. Zuffa actually went into quite a bit of debt but at the time, they were the only major promotion in the states. It was only a matter of time before TUF 1 was introduced and the whole MMA scene exploded into what it is today.

    The UFC is like saran wrap and band aids. “Ultimate Fighting” is synonomous with the UFC. The average joe doesn’t know about MMA, he knows about Ultimate Fighting. The UFC is the face of MMA because of the ungodly amounts of exposure they’ve received in the past couple of years.

    In this case, it’s all about the promotion that you’re fighting for. Who’s gonna still be around in the next couple of years? Even Brandon Vera is smart enough to stick with the UFC and not go to Elite XC who offered him big $$.

    So is the UFC really making a big mistake by not landing Kang? Hell no. Kang is.

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    I would love to see a Kang vs Matt Lindland match up in Bodog. I think Lindland said all three of his fights with Bodog were contracted for heavyweight but if Ayre is able to sign a few more high profile MW’s then they could shift Matt over into a MW division. The MW division is one of the few divisions that you can argue that there is more talent in the Non-UFC orgs than there is in UFC. Just off the top of my head – Lindland, Kang, Ninja Rua, Baroni, Shamrock, Cung Le, Robbie Lawler, Frank Trigg. If these orgs can work together they could generate some interesting match-ups.

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    I would agree that Kang, Lindland, Lawler, and maybe Frank Trigg are top contenders.

    Cung Lee only has 3 MMA fights under his belt (one of which he won by a cut to Von Flue) and he simply hasn’t established himself against any top talent.

    Phil Baroni? C’mon 10W & 7L Phil Baroni? Sorry he’s not top talent either. I’ll give him some credit that he’s gone against some tough guys but whether he pulled off the win or not….well, 10 wins and 7 losses says it all.

    Frank Shamrock is ALL TALK and nothing else. He WAS a top contender. Key word: WAS. He knows how to run his mouth and sell tickets well but when it comes to backing up his bark with a little bite……Frank is unimpressive. His last fight against anyone with merit was Tito Ortiz and that was back in 99!!

    And Ninja isn’t a top contender anymore either. You must have him confused with his brother Shogun. His last two losses against top competition were to guys that actually are in the upper eshelon of the MW class, Kang & Filho.

    I don’t see the UFC cooperating with the smaller orgs because they don’t have to. They’re the top dog and when the fighters realize that in order to be regarded as a top contender, you have to beat the best. Right now, the UFC has the majority. Guys like Silva, Franklin, Henderson (who may be going up to LHW permanently), Marquardt, and Paulo Filho (in the Zuffa owned WEC). I also think that Kendall grove is gonna prove himself to be a legit contender in the years to come.

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    Paulo Filho beats Kondo, Minowa, Chonan, Soulev and Misaki and he’s top shelf. Baroni beats Kondo, Minowa, Chonan, Soulev and loses to Misaki and he’s garbage. Phil gets crapped on because he had bad match-ups with a couple of guys (Lindland and Tanner) that distorts his record. Filho needs to step and fight elite fighters if he wants to be considered a top contender. Phil has done that, even if his record is a little worse for the wear in doing so. Ill put filho in the elite when he has fought and beaten a former UFC Champ or consensus top 3 MW in the world. Until then he and phil are about even in my book.

    I agree with you on henderson, i think he is gone to the $$$ in the LHW div. The money just ain’t there in the match-ups with anyone @ MW.

    The way i see it the UFC has 3 to 4 world class fighters at MW and the rest of the orgs have about 3-4 world class fighters. The difference is that the second tier that you summarily dismiss are a helluva lot more interesting (box office wise, style wise) then the UFC’s second tier of Okami, Lutter, and Mac Donald (who have been in title contention recently.)

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    Great thread, great commentary.
    There’s another MW that might be in the UFC, barring contract info I know nothing about, and that’s Robbie Lawler. He was impressive against Trigg in ICON and he did a number on Joey Villasenor. We replayed Joey’s tooth flight about 50 times. says:
    Matt Lindland

    2. Anderson Silva

    3. Paulo Filho

    4. Rich Franklin

    5. Dan Henderson

    6. Denis Kang

    7. Nathan Marquardt

    8. Robbie Lawler

    9. Kazuo Misaki

    10. Frank Trigg

    I wonder about Mayhem Miller as well, he seems to be a true psychotic and a reckless swashbuckler, exactly my favorite kind of fighter. I’d lvoe to see him in the UFC. Evan Tanner is on the comeback and although the clock is against him, can anyone doubt a full-speed, fully-prepped Tanner? He’s dangerous. Yushin is a game competitor who could surprise people, as well as Kendall, who was mentioned already.
    Two questions:
    Does anyone think Villasenor can come back, or make it in the states?
    Will Lutter ever fight for the UFC again?

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    one other comment: current UFC & Pride (whatever that’s worth) Lt Hvy and Pride MW champ Dan Henderson is listed no higher than FOURTH on either list by MMAweekly. I think that’s a bit of a slam to Hendo. I’m putting my money on the pride of Murrieta to take down Rampage, and be a three-belt holder (if Pride doesn’t dissolve before then (if it isn’t already, as Sam has reported))

    more parentheses!

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    Jake I don’t think you can put a price on freedom and thats exactly what you lose when you go to the UFC. Why is fedor still unsigned? Its not as much of a financial issue as it is a control issue. Once you sign your name on the dotted line, your ass is theirs. Its interesting you brought up the Coutures and hughes of the UFC. You see, for every one of them, there are ten guys who don’t make a liveable wage and who are disposed of after they lose a fight or two. Jon Fitch has been talked about a lot lately on some of these mma radio shows; and what they are talking about is the fact the guy still has a second job, he has 6 wins in the “biggest and best MMA org in the world” and still can’t make ends meet. Same goes for Rich franklin, he is headlining fights and getting a big push and makes nothing while the UFC rakes in these huge profits off his fights. And you watch, if he loses to okami, he will make pennies on the dollar on his next contract if he signs with the UFC. They will use and abuse and they have been doing it for awhile. My point is, if you aren’t able to remain in the top 5 in your weight class for a signicant period of time, you won’t earn a livable wage in while in the UFC. (take a look at some of those WEC salarys, shit, 95% of them must have 40 hour a week jobs)

    I don’t blame kang, if he wants to go for more money, then more power to him. Yes the UFC has some of the best fighters in the world, but they have already earned a reputation for not treating their fighters the best. Plus with K-1, strikeforce and bodog all agreeing to cross promote, I don’t think he will have that much trouble finding quality opponents.

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    […] was to create more drama in matches by enticing fighters not to quit under any circumstance. Denis Kang talking to Bodog; More on Jackson accusations ? Five Ounces of Pain! __________________ It’s only after the cost in human life and dollars are tallied up that the […]


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